10 days left on Platinum Status. If I extend for 30 days, does it remain Plat or change to Elite?

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I've been away for a while and coming back, I have 10 days left on my Platinum Status. I happen to have 30 days worth of Elite Status tokens saved up I wanted to use.

I know for the Maid and Garden that when it falls below 30 days that you lose the VIP perks, and it doesn't seem to look like Platinum Status changes even when you're about to run out, but I never popped a Voucher before while it was way below 90 days so i'm not sure if i'll lose 10 days worth of Platinum and it changes into 40 days of Elite or what.

EDIT: Preferably looking for a clear answer from somebody that doesn't speak broken english.


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    Platinum continues as.
    adds 30 more days to the end date only

  • Your Platinum status will be extented by 30 more days . To make it simple , yes , your membership remains Platinum.

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