License Price

I think everyone feels the same way. The price of the License is way too steep.
It is definitely a Season Pass of sorts, and it pushes people to be active on the game and that's good. But a season pass that's worth $50? The prices in the store are obviously terrible and everyone knows that, and I personally have to say, the rewards are not worth that price.
Please get a check of how much a sane person would actually pay for the items offered.
$15 dollars sounds fine, even $20, but $50?
Whoever is putting prices on the items in this game...


  • NegumikoNegumiko Member

    I agree the price for the License is way to high. luckily Closers is more free to play then a lot of mmos out there, only cash shop items are costumes and silly package deals like these that just offers more consumables and materials. however it would still be nice if they could take a serious look at their cash shop and maybe lower prices a little on things like this.

    players still have to work hard to get all the rewards on that License list and some players like myself don't always have time to get all of them so $50 is totally not worth it. even if $50 instantly gave us all the rewards on the premium list it would still be kind of high. I only buy costumes from cash shop and usually no more then 2 or 3 times a years and avoid the things like these that are overpriced cause I would rather just farm for that kind of stuff and take longer.

  • 933FGHHFAY933FGHHFAY Member
    edited April 9

    The price of the License is definitely too high. Honestly, the price of pretty much everything in the cash shop is high. The prices of the special "deals" and especially the gacha, or Washing Machine, boxes have always been ridiculous. I know most players would rather farm like crazy to buy cash shop stuff with credits than spend money to buy EMP themselves, and as Closers' population is declining there's less and less people that are actually willing to spend real money to buy EMP.

    Even people who were casual spenders in other games, myself included, see the prices of the License and all the deals in the cash shop as a rip-off. If the prices were more generous and the washing machine pool wasn't filled with so much useless stuff, they would have had no problem spending more money. Ideally, all costume sets would at the very least be sold as packs in the cash shop, and we wouldn't have to pay at all to get all the rewards from completing License Tasks. Unfortunately, the people running this game want to, or rather have to(?), focus on whales.

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Thank you for your feedback. I will let's EME know that License pass price is too high according to players.

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