Join Slayers if you would like to join a laid-back crew

there are no requirements to enter. we're old soul crew just trying to revive ourselves. there is no need to socializing if you don't want to. maybe you just want some crew buffs and do some crew dungeons for rewards and that's fine too! everyone is welcome


  • can i join your crew and how ?..? to join

  • CanaieCanaie Member

    I may or may not mistyped my own crew name. It's actually Slayer (so not plural). To join the crew, you have to be a certain level. Open [Menu] then click [Crew] then search for our crew name. We're a decent size, pretty laid back, do-what-you-want crew. Just join us if you need help with anything. We have a few guides written in our discord server for new players. We won't kick you if you're the type that only log in once and a while. Pretty much it, and not that fancy. I hope you join us!

  • CanaieCanaie Member

    hello, since crew revamps, we're having lots of space for new members to join if they wish. if you could, please join our crew.

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