sigsegv handler problem

Hi everyone,

I got this problem since the first time I tried to play. Now I can't even enter in the hub. And I even did the diagnostic thing with the launcher and I dont really understand...Someone can help me please ?


  • DevaynDevayn Member

    There is an issue with the new patch if you play the game through steam. If you look at the forum patch notes, you'll see they have given a solution. Either you can delete a certain file or you can reinstall the entire game if that does not work for you. (You have to delete the folder manually because steam doesn't uninstall it completely). Hope this helps :)

  • OoowGodOoowGod Member

    I dont use Steam to go in (should I?) but the actual launcher. Also I already uninstalled it once and it didn't help tho....

  • DevaynDevayn Member

    Honestly I'm not quite sure then, best thing would be to contact support and ask them what you could do. If you try to reinstall again ensure that you delete everything manually by going into your programs.

  • Same problem here, disconnect me after 1 or 2 min. Since last patch. Reinstalled, did the diagnostic and repair and nothing works.

  • RieidRieid Member

    The problem is that a sigsegv handler error may indicate that the program is trying to access to memory that it should not be accessing and is usually a signal of poor programming, as example: an incorrect pointer. But is not telling you a specific cause like other errors.

    By the way what are your system specs and what OS are you using?

    Could be that they mess something during last update that is conflicting with a specific type of system ( I mean specific OS, amount of memory, type of graphic card, driver version, etc) but the exception is occurring even before the client can report the real error that triggers this problem.

    I have not idea what language closer is coded, nor do I know if there is a way in which the client could be debugged by a player, but honestly I doubt it.

    Eme allows to debug the game launcher:

    But that does not help in this case.

    My advise in case you send a ticket is to be very specific about the computer you are using, operative system, graphic card, cpu, amount of ram and video ram, etc..
    That may help them reproduce the error.

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