Trans Dust Farm Before vs Now

Which do you think was better? I honestly don't remember clearly how fast it was before puri revamp but even if turns out is better now, maybe just doesn't feel like is enough due to the absurdity of BB trans rates. Let me know what you think


  • KwonzaKwonza Member

    I never played before in the "before", but if there's a mat that I run out of it's definitely not trans dust. The only thing I ever feel like I don't have enough of is fly king fragments, lol. I just started doing BB trans and ran through a lot of tries but I'm still sitting on like 6k dust maybe?

  • VioletHimeVioletHime Member

    The whole puri progress for everything.. gear, trinkets , hell trinkets , etc.. has become overall way faster than it used to be in the past. as far as transc dust goes i feel like its better now compared to the past. i havent had many issues running out of transc dust and even if i did , i'd manage to get a big sum in just 1 day and be good to go.

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