Grem Box transfer question

I've never used a Grem box but I've been piling up Yod Sea mats and I figured it would be nice to transfer over the boxes themselves (Dark Prophecy Boxes) which drop the traces to one of my alts. I'm not trying to use three Grem boxes for the trinkets themselves-rather I figured if I could, I'd just pack in 20 or so and try to RNG it on the alt.

I know there is a quantity limitation but are there any restrictions on items you can transfer over? I see that a lot of items have the highlighted "Can be moved with a Gremory Dimensional Box" but I also see items that don't have that tag (stuff like apocalypse essence, triggers, fly king fragments). Does this mean these items are just stuck where they are?


  • MuryokuMuryoku Member

    If it is missing that line of text then it is not grem box-able.

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