Does Seha have any stand ups?

I don't think he does but I haven't tested it so I'm not sure.


  • chain explosion and dash (aerial down key) are some

    A lot of stock so......pleas nerf

  • What about Selubi and Yuri?

  • @Yoburi I know for Yuri her Yuri special she gets at Intern is a stand up. As for Selubi, I know Psychic Explosion, the ball skill she throws she gets at trainee is a stand up, and intern's gravity field can be a stand up if you only use the pull up part of it.

  • @TheUsernameIsTaken said:
    chain explosion and dash (aerial down key) are some

    A lot of stock so......pleas nerf

    Those are Seha's only two restands afaik. You can also add a stack onto chain explosion with empowerment or empowered state for even more restands.

  • @Mycole To be fair he shouldn't have any more than that, it's arguable whether he should have that many. Him and J are like the 2 best PVPers, and J has what, like 3 restands and 3 grabs, or maybe 4 I forget, and he does significantly less damage then Seha, and has a lot less range. It's probably fair with the amount he has.

  • what do u mean stand ups?

  • @InfiniTEA said:
    what do u mean stand ups?

    In pvp, when you knock a enemy down, they enter a invulnerable state where you cannot hit them. This usually results in messing up a combo.
    However if you use skills that restand the enemy back up, you can continue to combo them.

  • @InfiniTEA A stand up means when a person is knocked down, you can use the skill and then get them back up, so you can continue hitting them. For example since you have a Yuri profile pic, if an enemy in PVP is knocked down and you use your Yuri special skill, default E button, you'll pick them back up off the ground so you can continue comboing them.

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