Who are you planning to main? (and some questions for the staff members)



    1. Been on KR, finished episode 2. Last time was around level 78.
    2. Yuri, I love her personality, I love her gameplay.
  • I play as all of them on the JP server but I main Yuri. I also play as Seha and Nata alot.

    1. Been playing Code Closers a short amount of time, waiting for a western release since early stages of kr's developpement
    2. I'll play J for a time and then Tina when she comes out
  • IsThisElswordIsThisElsword Member
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    1. I just heard about NA release recently and I want to try it out. Never played Closers before.
    2. Best waifu will be my main, whoever that happens to be.
    1. I have played on CC before, but it sux
    2. I'm a Yuri main, but i'm gonna try Mistletein, it'd be better if they have Harpy too
    1. Never
      2 i gonna main Seha i guess.. and after Violet gonna release i gonna main her.. She's so kawaii.
    1. Never played
    2. Sylvi and Seha
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    1) KR and CODE: Closers though I stopped playing for a few months because I was starting to lose interest in the game.
    2) I want to main Seulbi. She's going to be the only character I play until they release Levia,Tina and Violet <3

    1. Booth KR and JP.
    2. As before I propably gonna main Yuri, becouse she looks awsome, I love her personality, her gamplay is awsome and i love her weapon (katana + pistol). Propably when they add that silver haired chick with gunblade, which is next character after Wlfgang (from what i known she is Seha moms clone) i gonna swap my main into her.

    BTW: About Nata: I love his maniacal lough, but as for me its his best point. I dont rly like his gamplay. From wolfdog my fav (and 2nd after Yuri) is Levia, which is most pure goddes.

  • 1st ones will be Seulbi and Yuri, then will add Tina, Levia and Violet to my harem when they are released. Might play as some as the male characters and enjoy them, but i mainly like to play girls to keep interest, joy, and satisfaction in the game.

    1. I've had my eye on this game since it was announced originally, glad I can finally play it.
    2. J or Yuri.....until the Wolfdog team Releases in NA, then Tina and MAYBE Harpy. Guns, guns and more Guns<3!!! Bring on all the Dakka~!!!
    1. KR and C:C (may recognize my name from Code's forums aswell) and been waiting this coming west (finally) to see how it survives here.
    2. Seulbi, always been my main since beginning (I don't mind name change tho, kinda cute) <3
    1. Never
    2. Misteltein and Seha
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    1. Played closers off and on since KR beta. Really excited to finally experience the game's story in english /o/

    2. Maining tein on launch and switching to tina when she's out. My main on KR and best girl <3

    1. Never, will be my first time!
    2. Seha and Mistel.
  • KR
    Levia to wreck faces in PvP

    1. Played on C:C
    2. Seulbi and maybe Levia
    1. JP
    2. Yuri(BL) and Harpy(WD)
  • 1.All Servers
    2. Maining J since I haven't focused him in other servers before

    1. Private Server: Code: Closers
    2. Yuri then after release Tina. This time I play first Seulbi instead Yuri.
    1. Code:Closers for couple of hours
    2. Yuri or J...
  • Tein til Nata til Violet

    1. Private server but It was awful.
    2. Yuri since Levia isn't out yet.
  • For now i would say i'd main: "J ", but Yuri is J's secret Waifu.

    Oh yes she is.

    1. JP, Tried Code: Closers, but couldn't handle the grammar.
    2. Eventually Nata is the plan. Probably start with Seha until his release though.
  • @Delusionscape said:

    1. Eventually Nata is the plan. Probably start with Seha until his release though.

    I remember how "everyone" was hyped about Nata before his release and declare he gonna be theyr main, How does it end? Nata is one of the least popular character.

  • Had a play on Code: Closers. enjoyed it, but never went back been waiting for an official English Closers server
    Will Main Yuri, i just love the fact she uses a sword and a gun. and she is baaad ass :smiley:

    1. I have played on KR server
    2. My main is Nata !!! I have try J too but in this closed beta i think go on Seha because Nata are not avaible now :/
      (sry for my bad english i'm french)
    1. Code: Closers
    2. My boy J, and then maybe Wolfgang
    1. I only played to Code.
    2. If there's only the Black Lamb characters I'll begin with Seulbi or Misel I don't really know yet but in the future I'll main Tina, pew pew <3
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