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  • @MicheleSP I already tried the game several times... and it is still BSOD. I just could not understand why xigncode is causing this shizz for this game and the other one (the other was recently installed and still same result) @Seventy7Ryuu OTL T…
  • @Seventy7Ryuu I tried the Command Prompt thingy and when I checkdisk nothing seemed to be wrong. The former one (Memtest) I tried running it but only got through 1 pass.... cuz I was in a hurry (I did not think it would take much time).
  • @Seventy7Ryuu Thank you very much. m(_ _)m I owe a lot to you.
  • @Seventy7Ryuu Unfortunately... it did not work for me :'( :'( I will just give you a link of my .dmp file~ I hope it could solve the problem OTL. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14EZ3Q5nSoxaWXyVRZc35n_E-LcvkV-x2
  • @Seventy7Ryuu Thank you very much for helping this poor soul tut) it took me so long to revisit this site once again due to work. I will check this somehow on my day-off and see if it works~ Perhaps, I will give this game a chance before I deem it…
  • TuT) I wish I could take a picture of the error displayed when it does BSOD but I don't have any camera to get a good picture of it ... OTL By chance does this help? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GntLwijla059DawZhgeNyRToouPD0nra
  • Hmmm... as far as I remembered, I have another game that has gameguard on it.... xD whut should I do? Btw, I also had another game that runs with xigncode.... It has been there ever since... and running fine as usual. Then, for some reason, it coul…