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  • an advice dont touch the game just p2w in every way and server already empty and rates so bad
  • (Quote) also another thing to add ppl also thought this actual balance not useless balance patch except for tina-harpy why bring draconian sync fiber just kr got it in recet patch and ignore others content for so long they have new sig set shining s…
  • (Quote) they are the reason game like this worst management u ever seen u couldnt handle small game if they seek for money they could bring like Cybernatic fiber Old costume etc.. there are many ways to get money without affect the game with it
  • (Quote) they left server without any content for long time and ppl bored enough and most of em werent play the game and theyslap us with this draconian sync fiber just came with recent patch in KR and no BB no new dungeons no new rare set no balance
  • (Quote) i saved alot fo fiber to get draconian on 3 chars since i like this sig most with SOD also this balance patch a joke they missed 1 of 4 and put 2 of 4 which disaster with puri some classes has awakenings on weapon reworked cos with BB core u…
  • (Quote) u can play kr or elsewhere They're alive and everything cheap i was hoping for something next patch but when i saw it i quitted no mean to stay in this server no future for it they just want to kill the game Mod's Note: Please do not mentio…
  • well they disrespect ppl day after day like they telling us go push ur head in any wall its stupid they release something just came in kr like 2 days ago cos they have new rare set to us why they didnt bring BB and busan and everything else or jus…
  • (Quote) yea next week update whole puri gunna get reworked
  • as i kept saying problem with this game !:lack of contents 2:bad rates in everything drop-enhance-trans-gacha etc.. 3:bad events and boring not fun to do it, cos no good rewards 4:expensive BM and greed they could limit BM to like 300m or 500m whic…
  • pick what char u pref all gunna be good after the balance we get 9/12 and all of them gunna get true dmg but if u look for OP char and doesnt matter what u pref go Seth
  • (Quote) what the hell all things u said wrong how violet Z spamming lmao
  • (Quote) omg read the post again and respond cos i didnt compare KR right now to Global i said same duration same updates
  • (Quote) i dont know how enmasse dont take this as feedback are they dont care for players or i dont know what's this
  • again guys i'm not attacking eme to be clear i just leave feedback and i hope they take it and try to fix it nothing else it might benot EME fault and naddic messed with patches
  • (Quote) well when they see so many talking about issues in game they should care or they will lose more players like game need new players and its hard for new players without my friends i wouldnt be able to get plat and reach this long even tho i g…
  • (Quote) what u say completely wrong if u play in rates to get more money its called scam, they should make it easier for new players so can save the game for long time
  • (Quote) i guess eme should take it as feedback and try to fix the rates of this server and add to any patch cos its ridiculous this way, this way i will not be able to catch BB when release with even farming for long time
  • well when i compared KR version as our version now not KR now to be clear if u back to KR as our version now success rate for puri items was higher and easy and enhancement +13 easier and tunes aswell also this without VIP aka Elite in our server n…
  • (Quote) well first why involved +13 who cares for +14 i made my point well trans success rate should be higher and easy to ppl make puri and +13 should be easier even with u use higher success change of trans u still fail and tunes part like 7 weap…
  • (Quote) seems like its bug or something wrong with the server cos success rate should be higher