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  • (Quote) iirc its Tuesdays, at 6 a.m. UTC, only thing u would have "daily resets" is doing endgame / dungs that have entries.
  • The one at "monday 1AM ESt" was probaly during alpha / 1st week of cbt when we had the orignal daily stamnia system. But now its changed to weekly stamnia for now.
  • Its the "phase power" guage in other servers but im guessing NA/EU calls it "empowered state" from their localzations. Mindly confusing as it is, it is somethin youll have deal with, on the orignal UI hot bar(keyboard), its the l…
  • Blacklamb: * Chose, Seha as my main been stuck with him since the beta of kr, and loved him since then hes pretty relatable as a gamer(tfw i ws playing the psp before even knowing about closers lmao) and such even with his pvp nerfs i still like hi…
  • Ye basically, i was assuming they would do Cyber first for all Wildhuter team, to save going back and forth / saving time of designing each 3rd star costume(since zenith is comnig for him i think first before sod which makes no sense to me(?), then …
  • No, he got cyber first, so im assuming theres a year(or more gap) for his SoD just like how the blacklambs/wolfdogs got 1 year gap from sod to cyber in kr, maybe naddic doesnt have plans for him but who knows its all up to them.
  • Ye gotta agreee prob the worst looking SoD/BoD set ive seen from naddic pulled, ll wait for her cyber or zenith tbh see how they make hers, suprised weeb boi(wolfgang) hasnt gotten his SoD/BoD yet not sure if that will ever happen or not either.
  • (Quote) Just imo, using hybrid set on a seha or any phyiscal/magical(psi) character is just bad throughtout my experience, I just dont think its really good, to have both effects to even have on the character thats only going be benefiting more out …
  • Never aim for hybrid sets as a seha go pure physical, For starting out gear go for 5/5 pure Viltane (shields + booster / engine) and 3/3 pure Demue shields and for middle mod u can go for ideal assualt or strike booster( i went for ideal assault boo…
  • Seha disconnects easily, due to xigncode thinking ur hacking, when ur spamming skills like chain explosion or dash, and if u accidently reload empowered after u ran out of chain exlposion and spam another chain explsion when u activate empowered it …
  • usually theres a 30mins-1hour delay to actually show up on board/BM, from personal experience on different servers.
  • http://closers.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/dungeon/?code=10006&idx=132928 heres a kr drop table, that you can use, shows most rare / epic equipment, accss etc some may be missing all the way up to A7(area 7) i think.
  • Serpent swarm, is the same thing as Snake Signet, just localized different actually from the KR-ENG patch compared to EmE's localzation, keep in mind NA/EU have revamped versions of them, like in other official servers, only version that has it un-r…
  • mb should of thought of that lul, https://gyazo.com/1e6ee85c4cdc335a53ab6efdbebc7ec7 Obv, youll replace the midle mod(in th SS with super gear mod pg70 mod to be exact, and replace the top red shields with the pg70 shields and replace the core with…
  • As in cash shop? No not really, you dont have to buy hell trap if u dont want to. You can just craft it, if ur willing to grind it, as for thats the only skill thats in cash shop.
  • If youre starting to begin pg go for the light red 3/3(shields) and blue 5/5(5/5 meaning shields + mods) later on youll replace the 3/3 red with pg70 3/3. for middle mod youll have a mod that gives 300+ phy raw dmg and +15% crit dmg. Not sure what …
  • Thats weird, if i recall they had "new skill" on the top right repsenting swarm i think(at least my experience on other servers), not sure how long it will stay there, as for hell trap either buy it for EMP, OR you can get 30 lucky phase t…
  • are they not in ur skill lvl up ui at all? (aka the "K" default key)
  • Nope it means its destroyed, sadly you would have to find a replacement or craft it again(if u can at least) you must have enhanced w/o noticing the red debuffs on ur left(contamation, destroyed etc), the RNG enhancing doesnt bless everybody in thi…
  • (Quote) as in, grind the dungs that drop the tokens lol, every character speicial skill is good in their own ways.
  • (Quote) i think its better to grind it off, since u get the phase tokens tokens from story rewards and from doing doople ganger daily, price is a bit off iffy imo and np.
  • Thats "special crew" as most vets call it, its a 3rd promotion and youll get enhanced skills called "EX" and a 4th "special move" as for why its not in NA/EU yet, its too early to give it out to this server imo, NA/EU o…
  • there is ip blocks, lol not sure which region what vietnam would fall under but u can refer to this just to be safe. http://support.enmasse.com/tera/playing-closers-outside-of-north-america
  • Its weekly fatigue system, not daily the ui for that is outdated that was used back in alpha testing, theyre aware of this problem but not yet fixed.
    in Fatigue? Comment by Akeida January 2018
  • all the BL's (Black lambs) were released on the first day of cbt, levia was the only one who got released indivdually, cant really give you future character prediction releases, as levia was the only one that got release as prev stated.
  • /hi and /qq are a few to skip the entrance of dungs or animation at the end of the dung, and activating sehas phase blade before the scene starts can skip most cut scenes if u time it right.
  • The Seha card / Training program(ledgendary / epic) card is pretty useful for later on endgame builds.
  • wrong title lol, cant wait to test her tho in 3 hours :^)
  • I mean there wil always be ppl complaining or even quitting to go play another game or go back to their orignal server they play on ie: KR, JP etc. imo, ppl are upset how content is going, the vip system(which is kinda stupid to say in imo to call i…
  • Its only exclusive to black lambs, from ace pack lol.