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  • (Quote) ^ https://imgur.com/n41WXmi
  • (Quote) nope, because this isnt going to "kill the game"
  • (Quote) yes, im looking foward to when the forum whiners eat their words for a system that had no place in an mmo to begin with.
  • (Quote) having seen complete overhauls of entire systems and classes in the life of wow, not a single change has "killed" it, ever, despite the gigantic forum rants of people labeling themselves a "majority." from numbers squish…
  • (Quote) because youre the one being an unapologetic ass? the fact you cant even recognize that you've offended someone, and then have the audacity to be condescending about it shows what kind of character you have - none at all. there's nothing &qu…
  • (Quote) would it kill you to show some respect to another's opinion rather than being a patronizing ass?
  • (Quote) no, it's not, its a term used by men to keep women down in the workplace, and other fields. like calling them a B**** or a c***, or being shrill, etc. there is no difference and there is no justifiable time to ever use derogatory wording lik…
  • (Quote) im sorry, every other thread is one of the same handful of players whining about fatigue, and falsely labeling themselves "the majority." this game has no need for archaic phone game systems that have no place in an MMO.
  • (Quote) honestly now, a handful of players making a racket on the forum is not controversy. im looking forward to swordgirl, she looks fun.
  • (Quote) please stop using the word "majority." you are not a majority, youre a vocal fraction of the community. fatigue has NOTHING to do with the core of the game's playstyle.
  • (Quote) the assumptions in this post are beyond vague and misleading as well. such a trivial change is NOT going to "kill" anything, nor will anyone quit over something asinine. its pure hyperbole
    in Just Sad Comment by FP9MLNK5MM June 2018
  • (Quote) could you exaggerate any harder? kill the game? jesus christ, take a benedryl and sit down, you're raving like a lunatic.
    in Just Sad Comment by FP9MLNK5MM June 2018
  • (Quote) that's not scientific data collection, that's eyeballing. you've no idea what protections theyll have in place, and are completely jumping the gun. i dont believe in unquantified, unverifiable "facts," i get enough of those from th…
    in Just Sad Comment by FP9MLNK5MM June 2018
  • (Quote) this whole debacle reeks of the whole "pay to win" nonsense people started when black desert allowed people to auction cash costumes. people had 0 faith in the company, and rioted before even seeing the limitations and protections …
  • (Quote) its hard to claim youre a "majority" just because youre loud and present. frankly, we're not EME, and dont really have any kind of scientific polling to say who's desires are greater.
    in Just Sad Comment by FP9MLNK5MM June 2018
  • (Quote) im sorry, last i checked telling someone to stop talking down to someone isnt being an "armchair dev." rather than make a fallacious argument, present to me a logical, cohesive reason why anyone in their right mind would want a sy…
  • (Quote) disagreeing doesnt make someone "wrong," having a loud minority who wants something that inhibits my gameplay is annoying. a bunch of armchair developers can say they know better until theyre blue in the face, doesn't make their op…
  • why the hell would anyone want a system that prevents you from playing the game? what on earth would make generic joes think they know more than people who work on the game on how to prevent the economy from crashing?
  • what the hell is op talking about?
    in Just Sad Comment by FP9MLNK5MM June 2018
  • (Quote) shrug i wouldnt know, im rather new. i just wanted a kind of revealing outfit for harpy lol.
  • if your skin is that thin you probably shouldnt play online... but like, why not block and report them?
  • (Quote) this might sound silly, but i wear a pair of boxers on my head, or a hood and just put them over either, depending on whats closer. it prevents the headset i wear from getting stuck in my hair, or hurting my ears