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  • Funny thing - as far as i got it all my more known "whales" or more rich friends got their names taken and me and other more f2p friendly/pure f2p still have their names. Those probably got 100% taken on purpose and should be banned asap. Everyon…
  • I really like the update - just wished it would've came with the "battle system" of the two sides as well since it's a big motivation for the high end players and kinda fun as well for players that havn't been on a lot lately. Since the system does …
  • Funny enough tho - i get both elite and plat rewards. Will probably send a ticket just in case.
  • I mean the progress reset and the ping is worse than kr - you could literally switch server and be better off.
  • Just quit - this was a pity atempt at keeping EU whales.
  • Want an example? Wave 10 in Reverse OF under 60 HP bars the save person will still get dmg cause of lag. As someone who likes to solo this is just a spit in the face. Sonic Jab - or skills which are usually fast and need to be quickyl/clean execu…
  • Welp - just quit the game since some gamemechanics hit even the save person with the ping you have when playing on NA while on EU.
  • Well Eu here - you might have killed him before he could summon it. No issues here.
  • They didn't delay Bai - she's getting released on shedule. The shedule atm is extremely fast as well.
  • Sounds kinda fun tbh but Naddic is a korean company and koreans don't really play much on consoles
    in Switch Port? Comment by Jinyo January 23
  • Well maybe i am wrong with that - maybe it's for the better to not have a visual title for EU players. Atleast a channel would be nice since it'S REALLY helpfull in getting crewmembers. Don't want people in my crew that play when i sleep or are a…
  • @KH379J6FH4 said: To the best of my knowledge this isn't applicable, they wouldn't be closing off EU if it were. The farther I pressume it can be taken is channels with the EU tag, but they'll still be subject to whatever ping NA can offer to…
  • I just want an "EU" title. I don't care about the countries. I doubt that people that live in NA share the same culture otherwise those phenomenons that exist there would exist here as well. Not trying to get political. I also doubt any of you ca…
  • How are specific titles seperating people - if you guys think you can interact with someone that doesn't speak your language you are wrong. You guys never tried to learn any other language(majority) and some of us just do not learn english. If you d…
  • Fairly sure this is a shutdown of the EU server with the exception of Acc transfer
  • Welp just go to kr - bet your name will still be free if you try since they only type korean.
  • They kinda said it in a video - korean ofc.
  • I actually missclicked- intended to vote for "The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased"
  • The Crew dungeon gives you most of the time 3 Fibers/Greater Fibers. Tiamat Sides gives you a lot of fibers - even more with Elite since you can drop some at the end of it and some by salvaging the gear. Doing Tiamat is also good since she drops fib…
  • As far as i understood it good Silvis don't "EX" Gravity Flux so it has to be one of the other 2.
  • Oh don'T worry i already did that - the forum thread was to look if there are other people with that issue.
  • 500 contribution for 10 messages. You get with a single Char if you do the whole rotations --> 620 to 680+ . Since some other stuff also gives 10+ and other chars. It's not that hard tbh.
  • It costs 500 contribution points if you didn'T know. At the moment there's not much of value in there and if you really want them you can always "buy" contribution points which should still cost less. There's always the option of earning more points…
  • Those are buyable for 500 contribution points and 125k Credits. 10 each daily. Kinda makes this thread embarrassing.