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  • New Stats ^^ Pure (Image) https://imgur.com/a/23dBw With Blade and Empo (264% Crit Damage 63.59%Crit Rate and 10131 Attack Power)
  • (Quote) Thanks you, very Kind. I will try the +11 next week (we have been give 3 Dio-Oxi Cleaner if it is contaminated, so i have 3 attempts. If it is reset, i will Take again +10)
  • (Quote) Ah for example dont know that passive of J xD. I have enough gear but I reach only 92k+, maybe when i will reach PNA level 20 grow a bit but max 94k https://imgur.com/a/58Kn3 . So i have to upgrade my core +11. With core +11,PNA level 20 may…
  • (Quote) Ah ok, another thing important to know. So my question is in which Way you reach 100k+ on physical attack Power? Is J? (Idk the other chara or their skill),Passive,Core +11 or others stuffs?
  • (Quote) Yes, The Accessory set effect give you mostly crit rate/damage that improve your physical attack for sec, but if you are Lucky with tunning you can have physical damage or totale physical damage % no?
  • Nice one, SunniestDay ^^ All the accessory 3-stars can do the difference (are the limited one?)
  • These are my stats. Maybe they could go up more, but as we're in alpha, so it's okay. No Phase Aura Blade and Empowerment https://imgur.com/a/58Kn3 With Phase Aura Blade and Empowerment https://imgur.com/a/qWQh9 ah and the Voucher Buff (?…