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  • New Stats ^^ Pure (Image) With Blade and Empo (264% Crit Damage 63.59%Crit Rate and 10131 Attack Power)
  • (Quote) Thanks you, very Kind. I will try the +11 next week (we have been give 3 Dio-Oxi Cleaner if it is contaminated, so i have 3 attempts. If it is reset, i will Take again +10)
  • (Quote) Ah for example dont know that passive of J xD. I have enough gear but I reach only 92k+, maybe when i will reach PNA level 20 grow a bit but max 94k . So i have to upgrade my core +11. With core +11,PNA level 20 may…
  • (Quote) Ah ok, another thing important to know. So my question is in which Way you reach 100k+ on physical attack Power? Is J? (Idk the other chara or their skill),Passive,Core +11 or others stuffs?
  • (Quote) Yes, The Accessory set effect give you mostly crit rate/damage that improve your physical attack for sec, but if you are Lucky with tunning you can have physical damage or totale physical damage % no?
  • Nice one, SunniestDay ^^ All the accessory 3-stars can do the difference (are the limited one?)
  • These are my stats. Maybe they could go up more, but as we're in alpha, so it's okay. No Phase Aura Blade and Empowerment With Phase Aura Blade and Empowerment ah and the Voucher Buff (?…