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  • If it is missing that line of text then it is not grem box-able.
  • (Quote) I said update, literally anything. Kritika did not get a single thing for 3 months or more. That's why it closed down.
  • (Quote) You guys joking or what? Kritika didn't get any updates for over 3 months before it closed down. Closers is still getting updates every 2-3 weeks.
  • Was reported early in the eme official discord but it's back.
  • Are you comboing with Violet correctly? Violet isn't bad but she's not great either (yet). credits to Yong on vid. Does your combos look something similar to this? If not you should try practicing until …
  • The stage is RNG (random), you will randomly get 5, or 700+ points, and you aren't in control of which you get. I know a couple people in the official eme discord that have gotten 700+ before.
  • People are stupid and kick for stupid reasons. My 6m TCP Seha was kicked and the reason? "Too many Seha's" lol. Quitting over other people's stupidity is dumb as shit, just go next.
  • They're aware of it and been told on the official discord.
  • From the ones I know of off the top of my head, when they have the least DR is: Tindalos: When she first does the iframe and then goes into outer / inner circle explosions, that entire phase has no DR. In Hell when she appears for the first time sh…
  • (Quote) When you have characters like Wolfgang or Bai that never run out of cooldowns unless you play poorly, jump-Z as a filler is the saddest thing to see / hear. That's the very definition of suffering.
  • (Quote) Nope, Tein still suffers and so does Nata, despite suffering Nata is probably the fastest speedrunner atm.
  • Adding a bit to what the above mentioned Violet's exceed attacks are set in stone as to how fast they go and can never go "faster" (with more attack speed), only "slower" (going into 0.9 or less attack speed). The expectation in…
  • Areas: (All on the roadmap) Busan Puri Sea Beelzebub v2 Busan v2 Skill patches: Only the most recent one (addressed in branch update most likely) Characters: (Not on roadmap so probably q3) Mirae Chulsoo
  • (Quote) People do carry runs for those sorts of things, I've seen them both in EME discord and just some of the other crew discords I've joined. Yes that is true but having even just 5 characters (1 carry and 4 carried) is enough to the people that …
  • (Quote) Tiamat and having alts for it is what let's new players get in on the money making however.
  • (Quote) PvE he's one of the top chars once geared.
  • (Quote) I fail to see how it's a flex when I'm clearly asking if it's a party occurrence in which I got my answer, thank you for the useless input though.
  • I've rarely if ever encountered this issue, do you know what the conditions are for it to occur? For the most part I'm soloing things for dailies besides BB in which I generally run with my crew and I go solo veins and back then core alone or someth…
  • (Quote) There are videos of it such as here.
  • (Quote) To put it simply, it's a timed solo fight against some of the older bosses in the game (Andras, Punisher Irina, Vytes) with increased HP and new moves / mechanics. The team refers to the entire team (Such as Black Lambs, Wolfdogs) fighting s…
  • (Quote) 232 tries for both of my mods + core.
  • (Quote) That's due to currency conversion in the end. and how much NX they get from their purchases vs how much EMP we get. AFAIK they don't offer bonus NX with higher purchases (though correct me if I'm wrong on that) while we do on our EMP. (Thou…
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  • They'll exist in the future. It costs elixirs to make them or an alternate craft that requires multiple stones. (Takes about 3 weeks to craft 1 stone) EDIT: Personally I rushed my main so that I could help carry my alts more. For my alts I'm just …
  • (Quote) Translations are a publisher's right so that's one thing they have control over, yes. Actual content however is something they don't have control over without permission from the developer. Most if not all bug fixes comes from Naddic making …
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  • To be fair on EME side (Not defending them, simply stating facts.) They're practically forced to take whatever decision the developer (Naddic) wants them to take. That's the role of the publisher. Since Naddic introduced this system to KR, it's in…
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  • If you read what the rewards are, you'd realize that this season is crap and not really worth buying the premium tier. Also the price is like how it was in KR, same price for them as it is for us.
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  • Bai PvP waiting room. Seth running more than Luna waiting room.
  • His combat dodge has slightly different mechanics in the fact that it lifts him up off the ground physically so the timing on it isn't exactly the same. That being said not all characters combat dodges are the same, for example, Harpy has the longe…
  • There's only three types. Agile for Physical Sharp for Hybrid Mystic for Psi.
  • (Image) (Image) TF passives dont work in PvP. (Image) Here are my in-pvp stats, build, setup, The epsilon is for ghost bow.