Please read the following thread for information on the "Bizarre Halloween Program" quest error that's currently being experienced:



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  • Bug Fixes / Known Issues - Hotfix 10/9 Ver. Client 941_191008 Bug Fixes Luna's Task Force Crafting Event: * The Triaina Rebellion Badge has been fixed and is no longer labeled as a consumable.* The material will have to be moved out of your cons…
  • May 29 BUG FIXES / KNOWN ISSUES (Build Ver. 748 - Hotfix) Bug Fixes: Quests: * Soma and Luna’s Bear Land quest dialog no longer shows up as Quest_String Invalid. Known Issues: * No issues at this time, this section will be updated with issues t…
  • May 21 BUG FIXES / KNOWN ISSUES Bug Fixes: Bitna - Sky Fleet Command : * The Sky Fleet Command x 1 now correctly rewards Otherworldly Dimensional Gels for Season 4, players who previously purchased this category from Bitna will be compensated wit…
  • May 7 Bug Fixes and Known Issues Bug Fixes: Crew Missions: * Fixed a localization issue regarding the Purification Ops Center crew mission, the sector's location tag should show up correctly now. * Fixed a unsupported character translation error …
  • 4/9 Bug Fixes/Known Issues Bug Fixes: Sound: * Abnormal sound output when entering/exiting dungeons and during mission failures has been fixed. Characters: * Luna’s Hydra Strike should no longer cause your character to freeze after using it som…