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  • (Quote) As nice as this would be, they wouldn't really be making any money if they made these changes which defeats the purpose of why the costumes function like this to begin with. Though I heard in KR you could actually buy separate pieces, not su…
  • Remember that Enmasse is just the publisher, Naddic’s the developer though they do have some influence in their decisions. I heard that event runs being account-wide became a permanent thing in KR, meaning we’re pretty much just following them. It s…
  • (Quote) I don't think the accessories count, everyone I know that has the portrait just upgraded the 6 main costume pieces and got the portrait.
  • I know this post is like 2 months old, but any Harpy costumes left?
  • (Quote) I was just voicing my opinion saying that I personally think it was unfair, no need to take it out of proportion and claiming people to be salty.
  • For these situations people usually send in a support ticket to have it transferred to another character, you could try doing that.
  • Well, my crew does crew pvp everyday, and we lose A LOT and mostly only care for the points, but we still try our best because we still want to win of course. You don't have to get more points out of it. The most I can suggest is that they make sepa…
  • I found it weird at first how both teams get the same amount of points, but after participating in crew rankings for awhile it makes sense. Crew ranking points are moreso a representation of how active your crew is, so all crews get the same points …
  • According to what I've heard, it only happens when Sylvi's are using a set idle animation. If they use the default apparently she walks fine. Knowing EME though they probably won't fix it until the next patch unless they think it's that big of an is…
  • (Quote) If you're going to tell them to improve the game, be more specific about what you want them to fix, constructive-criticism is important. They are aware of majority of the bugs but it's not something they can fix immediately especially with a…
  • (Quote) Not sure if you mistyped but the "Alpha Closer" title is acquired from hitting lvl 50 in the Closers ALPHA, not Closed Beta.
  • (Quote) Gacha is an essential in any game, sadly that can't be avoided and you'll have to deal with RNG. However they will be adding previewing from the BM near the end of this year.
  • (Quote) Not if you're doing a raid with a party, obviously if you're in a party the fight continues so the boss is still attacking. And at least if you die after killing the boss it resurrects you for free.
  • (Quote) I did state in my post that enmasse isn't planning to do it, I'm aware of that, that's why I'm leaving my feedback on it.
  • (Quote) Even if they did do it it'd only be for the first week, plus not everyone has the costumes and fibers for it so people would still be buying them.
  • Difficulty is a matter of opinion, but Irina raid is for the bug lumps that she drops to craft gear, not for money. If you want money just do Tiamat.