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  • 1 month till bai, see you guys in april :pepedab:
  • advertised in facebook (like the sponsored thingy) to get more new players REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • yeah, at trinkets transcendence lvl 4 we will need at least 2000 pieces of reanimators, the heck, farming hundreds too tiring, and now thousands( just for one character only),imo, at this rate we will be reaching faster burnout at this rate..
  • Bai in april huh.. guess 2 months well i think it's okay? i mean it's hard to manage life and playing closer and other games. guess i have to lie low for a bit and becoming active again for her release xD ohh at the bottom saying, content release …
  • it's pretty good to have ign seller like these, ofc i myself bought a name from the name sellers, paid 10m, [not bad] then i just moved on already.
  • (Quote) ohh so nice, finally i can take a break from grinding materials from puri thanks. hell yeah thanks for your complete answer. :smiley:
  • (Quote) up to t3, not bad, are the trinkets droppable in the dungeon or do you need to craft, do you need to stack again especially this Multi-dimensional Reactive Substance ?
  • (Quote) by set u mean the combination of new trinkets + shield for the effect?, droppable by dungeon or still craft? up to t5?
  • (Quote) uhh i think doppel has 3 or more jump moments, and david, uhh what else from the daillies can proc golden doge based on that requiring 3 or more stages, a hassle indeed, i have only like hours of playing time per day (2-3 maybe, for the dail…
  • (Quote) huh? what are you even saying? are we talking about pvp right? what are you spouting nonsense craps in general? These words are example of FOUL WORDS destroying the relationship of NA Players and SEA Players, I'm from SEA and we SEA players …
  • I'm from SEA and tbh I can't really play pvp (maybe pvp once a day (win ofc) for the daily materials) because i get lagged sometimes especially when you're at the top tcp rank rankings (your closer's name gonna labelled (maybe) as a lagger, fock i'm…