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  • (Quote) Global pandemic going on... Meanwhile on Closers: fUckinG SLOths woRKING At eNmASsE? Lmao
  • You have to complete a green quest in hunters night to get acesses. I think you get it after completing the first chapter( yellow quests) there. Sorry but i dont remember what is called.
  • The new whale wings were designed because in kr effect accesories were really common there ( you coul get one in the bm for like 90m) and had little use if you already had one. This server doesn't have custom content, everything is a copy paste from…
    in New Phase Wings Comment by Vagath June 9
  • * Uh you didn't state when you left so i wouldn't know... However, at the moment there are 2 characters pending to be released in this server. * The current lvl cap is 88. * Considering we are getting whale wings the next update, I would say more p2…
  • I know that the updates are generally on the slow side but you are just being silly here. The current content still has a month to go just to finish the trinkets. "Why is my free to play game not being updated in the mists of a global pandemic…
  • You can craft gear boosters with it. It is in the consumables tab.
  • If you look at steamcharts, you can see that the game has been on a steady decline for years lol. Instead of questioning if the game is wether or not dead, you should ask yourself if want to earn credits at one third of speed of people with platinum…
  • But Closers i not an mmo...
  • I mean the servers are up so you can play it if you wish to. However, the black market might as well be removed, since it is completely dead. The playerbase has been in a steady decline since launch to the suprise of nobody. Fianlly, the icing on th…
  • I have been in groups with people with 2m tcp, i guess you had bad luck. Also closers is not an mmo lol.
  • Yeah bm is not dead also the moon is made of cheese and the clouds of cotton candy lmao.
  • You get the core from the first quest there. I wouldn't really bother doing so, but it is up to you and the resources you have available. The only discords related to closers are the enmmase discord and closers hq discord, I can't offer a link to j…
  • I don't know what core is that, but it depends on the level you need to equip the core. If the extreme core's level(75) is only 5 levels higher then it will be about the same, probably a bit more. Anyway, if you have a +13 i would say it will probab…
  • As it was mentioned, doing the yellow quest will eventually get you to level cap or close to it. There may a faster way, but is not advised to skip the yellow quest because it gives skill points.
  • Here is a brief run down to get the started to end game using minimal resources: * If you haven't do the quests in the Planar gate to get for free the Ideal Strike Regulator V, use it instead the Pure Gamon Impulser V. * Go to Dimensional Ops Cente…
  • Just level up and gear 15 characters! It is a completely reasonable and realistic scenario :^)
  • If you are into costumes, it is noticeably harder to get them now. However, if that doesn't put you off, the game is pretty much the same.
  • Any member from the Wildhüter team is an exelent choice for an alt. However if you want to go more in depth, you could level all closers to lvl 80 to get the teamwork buff maxed out and choose the one you enjoy the most.
  • I am of the idea that if you need to be carried, that is, not contribution anything to the group, then you are not meant to do that content.
  • I have never seen this happen. If someone were to do that, I would just decline repeatedly. It is really odd since ss and sss rewards is exactly the same lol, i guess they don't like waiting.
  • As others have pointed out, it is an exact copy paste from korea. However, the problem lies that korea does not have a "subscription"(plat membership), they have the net cafe bonus or whatever. Best case scenario they should bundle both th…
    in Really? Comment by Vagath January 14
  • Why would you not want the best for your character? This is like the patrick rayman meme lol
  • You can literally buy character power > Not pay to win. I don't really follow lol.
  • TL;DR: Don't bother trying it. Also Closers is not an mmo, there is nothing massive about it lol. * How healthy is the population of the game? On a steady decline since its launch. * Can it be completely soloed or does a new player need to depend…
  • It will eventually come, but keep in mind this game's focus is PvE. PvP is an afterthought
  • Well it all comes down to chance, but a month each sounds about right, assuming you get to t5 within 100 tries or so. There is no hurry really, it is not like there much elso to do in the game right now.
  • I am curious about your skill point allocation and PNA if you can show it.
  • Nothing new really. That item is just for whales, you are not meant to get all the gear to t5 the first week the content released lol.
  • Besides doing the raids like pg75, if you really want to farm you could do the dungeon where you fight seha's mom or any of the dungeon in that bracket. If i recall correctly, tiamat sides also. give ok exp