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  • Just a nitpick, but you guys are actually wrong on one thing. Yes, everything that KR has on their NX shop, we also have on our EMP shop BUT the price models differ. For example, the x33 fortifiers on KR's NX shop costs 89.900 ₩ which is roughly …
    in Really? Comment by Verstael January 14
  • In the future, reanimators will be used again yes. Gotta save a good chunk of about 300-400 reanims for when Busan chapter 1 comes out, cuz with it comes the Busan gear (mods and receiver specifically, tho receiver isn't that great so only get the m…
  • I'm also experiencing it. Whenever I try to claim rewards from crew dungeons, a blank screen shows up and isn't letting me. If it helps, I've just newly joined my crew shortly after the 12/9 update so not sure if that's the source of this error and …
  • @CerealXKiller yes that is exactly what they did. They basically removed regular synchro fibers and any existing ones can/will be converted to Zenith fibers, introduced Draconian fibers, and locked them behind a paywall.
  • Ngl, I'm pretty pissed myself with how they handled Draconian. A lot of people were preparing for it, and then they go and pull this kind of stuff on us. I legit can't fathom why EME would suddenly implement the release of Draconian Synchro Fibers …
  • Nah, I'd say the EX Thunderbolt amp can contest it tho; since, afaik. it received a huge buff in KR
  • My bad; correction: It should be "(Any) Sovereign Set" not just the Divine one
  • Check here: Btw, you sure do have a lot of problems trying to play the game lol
  • You could try searching and donwloading the .dll file through google if the problem still persists. That's what I do usually whenever I encounter missing .dll file errors