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  • Have to agree on this one XD
  • That'd prolly be fun but at the same time really hard to pull off. You know that bots stay afk or dont attack for a bit till you do and trigger them. bots also prolly cant do rotations so that'd slow you down. and on top of that its prolly hard to d…
  • (Quote) Its not that they cant be accessed. its that people who have the bug cant access them. some people are stuck in those channels and cant go to the ones of page 1. some others the opposite and some arent affected by it at all and can go wheree…
  • Mistrile. Lots of people got the unable to find the server and for almost everyone achievement.ini fixed it. thats because u'll go back to the channel u were before u triggered the bug. but without your code you cant really make it work :/ and en ma…
  • Doesn't seem like it. i know ppl in 1-15 that dont lag and ppl in 16-30 that lag a lot.
  • (Quote) Yeah. The delays (like the ones the person above showed ) start from the moment of launch and they can be pretty annoying at times. I've noticed them on everything that needs that "notice" first ( example : remove/adding costumes …
  • You should get the one that buffs damage on transcedant. and for costumes i can only help with harphas costume and yod costume.
  • Like i said.About the dark moves try restarting the game. Its something that's been a thing since forever. sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less. If that doesnt fix it for some hours and u have it from the moment u start the game then yeah there…
  • If by lag though you mean input lag and not dark/grey moves then i've had that happening to me a lot as well the last week or so.
  • Its something that's been on the game for a long while. (sometimes appears more some less) If you have the game open for hours it can make your moves go dark/grey for a few secods before appearing normally(or show u white gui etc. havent had that ha…
  • He/She cant create the achievement.ini file by themselves. there's a different code ( for example what u sent "[qyza}c]" ) for every account. unless they at least have the code from their account, using ur code with a channel id wont work.
  • Hey o/ I recently started playing NA and as i will be playing for quite a while i wanted to join a crew. From what I've heard this crew seems like a really nice place so I'd like to join whenever the crew has some free spots if possible ^^ umu Acco…