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  • Should be this week. If not, next week.
  • I did say ABOUT the same, not exactly the same, Mr. Doesn't quote the whole sentence. I just played both characters and the timing is roughly the same. I'd say .4 - .5 seconds after the initial skill input will trigger the enhanced attacks.
  • Selket's Seal enhanced attack is about the same timing as doing Soma's enhanced skills if that helps at all. What they should fix is the descriptions that say "using skills". It should say "using this skill".
  • @SylvanaHawke said: (Quote) Yea how to tell time. 10pm pdt is about 16 hours from now lol. It would be 1am tomorrow if you're going by Eastern time.
  • I feel pretty much the same. I remember they had an event where if you were logged in for 2 hours they gave you a black force costume set. I missed it because it started and ended a day earlier than what their patch notes said (they messed on time z…
  • (Quote) I think he's saying he has 7 characters and wants to know if they'll all be in the same room if he deletes some on the character select screen. If that's the question then yes, they'll be in the same room. It's 6 per room.
  • (Quote) What's this about Yuri? Is she actually going to have legs now?
  • You could double check to make sure you have all the right directx runtimes for your computer. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
  • I did the event for J and to get the outfit you had to collect 100 of those Veteranus (this word is just weird) tokens. So 100 dungeon runs. It'll probably be like that for future task force events.
    in SA Outfit Comment by a1gundam May 10
  • Oh I see. Yea you have better everything than me. I don't have a gsync monitor (mine is 60 hz) but have tried turning the different sync options on in nvidia control panel with it turned off in-game and it's choppy for me as well. The only way to ma…
  • What do you mean by choppy? For me I damage things and their hp bars take a second to go down. Also some things die before their hp bar is completely gone. Sometimes when dismantling equipment it takes longer than usual for each one to dismantle. Th…
  • Yea I know. We didn't have good gear drops like that before so that's why I'm questioning if Bai is really op story-wise or does it seem like it because of the better gear.
  • But is she really? Playing as her I get nothing less than +9 or +10 drops. That didn't happen playing through the story with everyone else. I was lucky if a +6 anything dropped.
  • (Quote) Looks like you put the whole zip file in your Closers folder. Unzip the Korean Voice pack download and only place the unziped VOICE_DAT folder in your Closers\Dat location. Instructions here: http://patch.closers.enmasse-game.com/files/ReadM…
  • Someone say this is a typo. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful or complain but if it's really 10 cents why bother?
  • (Quote) I have not played any other version of the game. I'm going to try her out, get up to level 67 for the 500 emp, and hopefully have it in me again to play enough for the permanent regular agent costume. Not really all that hyped tho tbh.
  • Are those event glasses bound to the character that crafts them? I know some accessories are tradable within the account and can be put in the shared bank.
  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 Download this. It's the same thing found in the "common redistributables" folder that come with a bunch of Steam games and such. So you most likely already have this somewhere o…
  • (Quote) Thanks for the suggestion and info. I didn't know the event started and ended a day earlier than what's in the patch notes. I did send a support ticket and they aren't going to help me. If I had spent money on something I'd probably be pisse…
  • Same is happening with me. The only 3 things showing in events is the daily attendance rewards, the purple twitch prime notice, and the daily deals notice. I've tried repairing the game via launcher twice and it's still the same. I was hoping to get…
  • https://forums.enmasse.com/closers/discussion/comment/48348#Comment_48348 Lmao I didn't even know there was a sreenshot there. Long night at work. Thanks for being polite about pointing me to it.
  • I think I read before that you can craft a permanent task force costume anytime and not just during events like the others. Can anyone confirm/deny?
  • To add my 2 cents here I'm fine with the release schedule. It gives me time to do things over the summer without having to worry about missing too much in the game. I missed the Black Lambs team and Nata last year but I managed to get the permanent …
  • The Steam version comes with the Enmasse launcher in the install folder. I've been using that instead of the default shortcut that Steam makes for you. Only things tho is it WILL NOT track your playtime on Steam and clicking on the link that takes y…
  • There's literally a red box on every forum page addressing this.
  • So I was wrong about the EME launcher from the Steam install folder tracking playtime. It doesn't. Sorry.
  • For those using the Steam version: 1. Delete the shortcut you use to that ridiculous launcher. 2. Go to where you have Steam installed then to Steamapps > common > Closers. 3. Use the Launcher.exe here. It is the actual EME launcher that you c…
  • Meh I'm used to maintenance extensions from Nexon back in the day so this is nothing new to me.
  • How did this go from wanting Bai sooner to Bai vs. Seth? I'm so confused at this point. Anyway, Levia > everyone else.
  • I'm on the NA server and I'll agree with you. If someone from EU has the same name as me and their character was created before mine AND their still active, then they deserve to keep their name. I'll change my name, not the end of the world