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  • Still selling Schrodinger's Cat [B] Weapon, Hair, Shorts and Gloves (all 3 stars) Tina's White Academy thigh-high boots (3 stars) Bronze steampunk wings, Steam pauldron, Gleaming Greeves (all 3 stars)
  • Edit: Selling Schrodinger's Cat set [B] w\o tail (3 stars wep, shoes and hair, 2 stars others) Selling steampunk rebreather, bronze steampunk wings, steam pauldron (all 3 stars) Selling 3-star Gleaming greave Selling Bai's Gold Academy Ice blade, Ba…
  • It's sad, but not a big deal that we can't use it on Bai (sure EME won't give us such a treat for free). But the fact that it just disappears is outrageous. Also, it wasn't mentioned that the box can only be opened during event or anything like that.
  • (Quote) That definitely is. Still, support has to answer something at least
  • (Quote) They responded with silence. It's more than 24 hrs passed from the moment I sent it
  • Tried to use it on Bai too. Sure it was unusable. Opened the box on Yuri. It gave me another box that I stored in the bank and you know what? It just disappeared after displaying the message "item duration expired". Thanks EME for a nice r…
  • I believe you don't get the point. I'm not talking about some lag intensity increase or problems with my pc performance. It's almost perfectly smooth gameplay before patch against hard lags after the patch. Like i'm trying to play a completely diffe…
  • (Quote) Before the patch, you had that problem? I mean, except the memory leak. It's definitely not a cause of this (Quote) I don't think bad pc is the reason for the lags. As i mentioned before patch fps drops almost never occurred. Like smooth 60…
  • My core is only T2 and i found those [Awakening] and [2nd awakening] prefixes on weapons. Thanks everyone for answers, topic can be closed now
  • I saw on the videos that you can reactivete heatshot once after you first pressed the button for a second shot. But i'm sure i only allowed to click once
  • (Quote) As i mentioned, i tried with and without trinkets. Single click, long button pressing and spamming delt nothing but a single shot. It's all with transcended puri core ofc. I believe i'm doing smth wrong, but can't get what exactly