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  • surprised in myself for this since I might have been convinced directional inputs had no place in levia's playstyle up until now, but the down version seems much better for me! I can see this being a personal preference, though - I think I'm a lot …
  • not sure of how I feel about the levia revamp the damage buffs are nice, but the removal of the fang stab reset chains feels like trading her combat utility and fluidity for brute force, idk. conflicted because this sounds like a decrease in her com…
  • where's the seha lives matter guy to contest against blatant act of seha hate (jk op this was hilarious and sadly relatable)
  • (Quote) where do you find these fine samples of high art if I may ask :eyes:
  • if you're lucky, you can also get platinum chips as a reward from crew dungeon stage 6 (platinum drivers from stage 7, too) and from salvaging crater gear/3-star costumes.
  • (Quote) ugh yeah, me neither. I'm already a little iffy about the pvp changes, so now knowing that she'll lose her safest way to stay in the air indefinitely isn't cool at all
  • same problem here; I feel bad for all of us, but also glad it's not just me. /:
  • honestly, even with only two mains, most of the time I have so much to do that the daily limit doesn't even cross my mind - but I do kinda get what you mean about the older content, I think. I was getting a bit bored of running the same dungeons lat…