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  • funny thing is they would not take a payment cringe
  • FYI this box can be used on any character you want and only one character All I ask is for 2 Island eyes in return lets haggle I know you have what I want
  • If the model updates are as bad as Violet I hope they never get done Roll back the Violet model
  • First and only thing combine all your channels to 1 this is like playing 16 games at once and not knowing how to play if you don't have the capability to make a super server shut down 15 other channels if you are not able to do channel combine then…
  • Time to send real questions to the developers don't stop until they fix the bug or just quit the game never look back I never knew about it but maybe I'll pay attention as a new player I am just going with the flow right now
  • what is your expectation? if you want to play then play if you want to get dragged around by others then do that if only 1 person was playing when you made this silly remark it would still be alive
    in is this game dead? Comment by occa May 2
  • if you have not played over flowed you don't know what that would mean there is a part where you have to fly for about 10 seconds to avoid death silly? yea in no part of the game leveling up is there a point where you have to use skills to keep you…
    in Defying death Comment by occa May 2
  • to continue after reading the hidden guide to closers I restate my facts Invincible should be invincible the word should not be used unless it is correct using a lower type of name for attacks would be more appropriate General attack Smash attack …
    in Defying death Comment by occa May 2
  • new player here so far there seem to be no people anywhere sure you can join a crew this would just mean your with a few people that play I am saying out in the wild there are few people so few the ones you see are either super high level or super…
  • How about an option to turn off pet graphics basically your pet would still be there but not displayed