From 7 a.m. to noon PST on Tuesday, December 18, we will be completing updates for our account management system as well as other game systems and servers. During this time, players will be unable to log in or play Kritika.

Thank you for your patience while we make these updates!

Changing Your Profile Avatar

What's that? You don't want to be known as a sun-glass wearing man and cat on the Kritika Online forums? I don't get it, but I respect it.

Hang in there with us for just a bit longer. It looks like we missed a few lines of code that enable profile picture changes in your user profiles when we deployed the forums. It's all hands on deck in the "Turn Kritika Website On" room, so our team is a bit tied up getting everything online, but they'll be enabling avatar customization soon.

Thanks for your patience! But seriously, in the meantime, it's a pretty great avatar. B)


  • HimeHime Member, Pre-CBT Tester, Player Moderators

    I can't say no to a random guy w/ a random cat, both wearing random shades.
    Thanks for letting us know. Looking forward to what we can use!

  • Yeah dude, I agree. Being an old man wearing sunglasses with my cat, that also wears sunglasses, reminds of the good ol' days of when I was a young lad.

  • RaptorClawzRaptorClawz Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    Why did you guys steal my profile pic?

  • SmorecerorSmoreceror Member, Administrator, EME Staff admin

    Bad news guys, people can now choose avatars that AREN'T this cool guy and his cool cat. (We fixed profile images. You can update by clicking on your profile at the top of the page.)

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