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Where are the administrators? No News.



  • Honestly, a lot of people are trying to see the side of the en masse ... The truth is that today the market is competitive, and there is no use coming here and saying "you're very impatient", "only a week has passed", we consumers are Surrounded by other alternatives, every week has a game launch, another announcement or update an existing one.
    So while some are loyal to the game like me for example I'm anxious at least to know the release date ... others are leaving for these new games with new updates ... If only we had a date, even if distant .. .I have a lot of interest in buying a package from the founder, but it does not have an expectation of launching, which discourages a little and makes me want to invest in some other game =/

  • NatoriousNatorious Member, Pre-CBT Tester ✭✭✭

    @TheyCallMeDoc said:
    Just know it'll be in June or July because i doubt OBT will drag out for months. Peeps should be glad it doesn't take EnMasse months to release news/contents like other games I've played. People these days just make their expectations of something a standard. I'm not taking EnMasse's side, it's just seeing people repeatedly making threads about the same topic over and over again drive me nuts.Okay, i get that you're excited and want some confirmations->I am too<-, but if they say they got nothing to say about it then that's that.

    Give this person a thophy ^^ exactly what Most people need to know they literally said they have nothing to announced and yet people still ask the same god damn question everyday geez play something else go outside or something

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    Cookies for all.

    Also, just as a future note: it doesn't matter how you individually think people should manage their expectations. People will have the expectations based on the market, regardless of what anyone else says. There is a reason why publishers spend more money on marketing than the actual game. We are in the hype culture and there is no escape. This applies to any future update to Kritika Online. People will be impatient for updates and will complain again. It's up to Enmasse as to how they will handle future situations.

  • RaptorClawzRaptorClawz Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    All that crying for nothin.

  • Salty tears gives me energy.

  • AlexG2AlexG2 Member

    See you in day 27 ^^

  • OBT is june 29th. founders pack early OBT starts on June 27th

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