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Kritika Streamers

I wanted to put a list together of people that planned on streaming Kritika, so it would be easier for players to find a streamer they might like. Add your stream to your post and include any information you want with it as well, such as: Class or classes you will be playing, times you plan on streaming, any previous experience with Kritika or other games, are you more PvE or PvP focused, add anything you want! I'll start with mine to get it going:

Stream: twitch.tv/carthh_ws
Class: Frost Mage
PvP or PvE: Both
Times: As much as possible in CBT
About me: I don't have any prior Kritika experience, but I have played as a rank 1 player in PvP and PvE in multiple other games including Blade and Soul and Wildstar. I'm looking to play Kritika quite a lot during the beta and will be streaming it full time. My stream tends to focus on top tier endgame covering both PvP and PvE, but I also like to make it very educational as I'm always happy to answer any questions players have, whether they are new or experienced.

I can't wait to see the community grow, and I hope to see you guys in the beta!


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  • WilkyWilky Member
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    I am not really a streamer (maybe 3-4 times per year)
    But I run a youtubechannel.

    PvP/PvE: Definitely both as well as guides (classes, mechanics etc)
    Time: Whenever I can, I used to make daily videos, I paced myself these days though.

    It started out with c9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) but also played other games like Blade&Soul and Black Desert, heavily focusing on PvP, but also creation of guides, holding events for the community and being the link between the staff and the playerbase.

    I have no prior experience with Kritika, but arpgs are my second nature, I am eagerly looking forward to play this game.

    About classes: No clue really, I will take my time in CBT to test around.


  • Stream: twitch.tv/tyriu
    Class: Zerker / Wolf Guardian / Eclair
    PvP or PvE: Both
    Times: Random times / Drop a follow
    About me: ask whatever you like to do know on stream, I play KR and will be on NA, still much to learn

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    YouTubers are more than welcome as well, feel free to add your YouTube channel and include any information with it that you want.

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    Seems I cannot edit my post anymore o.0

    Anywho, I haven't been able to locate anything in that regard, but are we free to publish content of the CBT, or is there a NDA in place?

  • @Wilky said:
    Seems I cannot edit my post anymore o.0

    Anywho, I haven't been able to locate anything in that regard, but are we free to publish content of the CBT, or is there a NDA in place?

    Yeah you can only edit your post only for like an hour after you posted it, after it's done ... hope they will change this.

    Enmasse itself will self host a couple of streaming sessions during the CBT so no, i don't think there is any NDA ^^

  • GaerekGaerek Member

    I don't stream currently -- only have a Youtube channel. Unfortunately, I will be out most of Closed Beta, so I'll only be recording and uploading a tiny bit on Youtube (file size permitting, unless I find something to compress the files for easier uploading).

    Classes-- Shadow Mage, Dimension Mage, Zerk
    PvE only (might mess around a little in PvP)

    I probably won't be playing particularly much, so the number of classes and how far I get will vary =-=;;

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    Twitch: twitch.tv/keripo
    YouTube: youtube.com/user/TehKeripo
    Class: Rogue -> Cat Acrobat
    Focus: Initially just leveling up and exploring game content, then will shift focus to mainly PvP arenas
    Schedule: Plan on streaming beginner gameplay during the first week of closed beta. After that though, no set schedule as I am not a regular streamer and am planning on playing Kritika Online as a side game while I wait for the next large content patch in Revelation Online. Of course, if I do end up enjoying the game, I will steam more often and maybe make some YouTube videos here and there ^_^


  • DarknysDarknys Member

    Twitch?: twitch.tv/woofwoofwulfy
    Class?: Unsure, pretty much trying everything until Eclair comes out eventually.
    Focus?: Non-stop grinding until I feel like I can PvP comfortably.
    When?: I'll probably stream whenever possible during CBT as well as OBT since I feel like it wouldn't be that hardware intensive to stream. Usually I play Black Desert Online, but even then I get tired of the same old thing. Hopefully they don't see this and kick me out for playing another game. :P

  • Twitch: twitch.tv/YumaX_
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC19cZ_jSbDFwdLO80ZDTqxA
    Class: FrostMage prob
    Focus: PvP
    Schedule: pretty much when ever i play xd :^)

  • BaradBarad Member
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    Stream: Twitch
    Class: Raging Berserker, Shadow Mage
    PvP or PvE: Both, but I'm more inclined to PvP
    Times: As much as possible in CBT
    About me:Twitch

  • AeisgarAeisgar Member

    Twitch: twitch.tv/DiOrcus
    Class: Rogue based or Gunmage based
    PvP or PvE: Both, PvP more as Rogue, PvE more as Gunmage
    Times: As much as possible in CBT and OBT. Drop a follow if you want.
    About me: I'm a relatively new streamer. I usually play rts games such as StarCraft 2 and Dropzone, but I've also had experience with action games such as Tera and Vindictus.

  • TheyThey Member

    Class: Zerker
    about me: I don't stream regularly, so I'm not looking for followers or regulars, I typically just get really drunk while playing games and talk to people in chat since I went through a bad break up. Feel free to pop in and hang out!

  • Hello! My name is Varrence and I run a gaming channel for various games! I will be making content for Kritika as well as other games so be sure to check it out!
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh4KZk-wYYaBxX_UwFo987Q
    If you like Funny Moments and other comical content hopefully my channel will be for you!
    Enjoy the game and my content!

  • Hey ooo! I'm Trucktub - I stream everyday but Tues/Thurs at 8am PST and have been playing/streaming my Zerker leveling in CBT. The game is insanely fun and I plan to make it the game I start every stream with!!! It's just too much fun!

    Class: BERSERKER
    PvE until Level Cap then occasional PvP.
    Times: everyday but Tues/Thurs starting at 8am PST

  • Stream: twitch.tv/aeonknight86

    Class: Fire Lord during CBT but will play all classes in OBT once it's live and I finish leveling them all

    PvP or PvE: Both but more focused on the PvE aspect to help new players

    Schedule: Streams will usually be Weds - Fri 6:30pm PST and Sat + Sun 1:30pm PST

    About me: I have already played Kritika White Knights on mobile and loved it, been streaming on and off since 2012. I'm looking to play Kritika quite a lot during the closed beta and will be streaming it whenever possible. My stream tends to focus on community building for PvP and PvE, but I like to make it very educational as I'm always happy to answer any questions players have, whether they are new or experienced. I focus on keeping the chat interactive and maintain a positive, welcoming atmosphere.

  • It's happening boys and girls!!! See you all on the 29th!!!

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