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Rogue's Guide

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Guide is not mine.This guide posted for people who struggle to find information and for new players who just joined Kritika Online.



This class is specializes in close quarter combat. Known for having fast-cooldown skills to connect more combos efficiently. This character is for those players who love fast-action characters while also challenging players to play it faster to make it even more effective in game. This is the most popular class for PVP lovers. I can say that this is the most powerful class in PvP but also difficult to play that requires good reflexes, interaction and advanced experience from players.


*The best in PvP. This is the only class that can do several aerial combo. Also I like Catspaw skills on initiating areal combo as most of her skills can knock enemies into the air and can keep them helpless while taking multiple hits from Catspaw. PvP relies on players skills and this class has a good mechanics that will give a player an unlimited utilization on PvP.

*Versatile. Aside from aerial combos, Catspaw also has powerful awakening for more ground-combo or she can be an armor breaker or evasive character. With this flexibility, you will enjoy this character a lot based on how you want to play it or how you wish to fight your opponent.

*Highest evasion and speed. Though doesn’t have remarkable armor defense which is given, yet still got the highest evasion which will play as their defense mechanism. Evasion is better than armor in this game, with higher evasion, you don’t have weaknesses against super armor breaker or slow type class even with a powerful damage attack.


*Difficult to play. This character requires advanced experience from player. Catspaw is the fastest character in game and this requires practice from players on how they will connect combos especially on dealing with aerial combo. Also being poor in survival rate, you need to master evading attacks with good finger reflexes and interaction. So I hope you understand this disadvantage before playing CA or else you are not going to enjoy this character throughout the game.


And for rogue specialized on both close and mid range. Kritika Online has Assasin that can play two positions either close or mid quarter combat. This is the character having a good precision against their target. You will see that most of their skills are towards on particular target without missing it. Being this type of class, it has poor potential on making large combos but more on massive damage. Assassin has the most powerful damage output in game.


*Good damage output. Just like what we mentioned above, this class can do fatal strike with the help of debuffs which is present in most of her skill. This will let their target bleeds with deadly venom. While playing this class, first you need to debuff your target leaving them in low resistance and disarming their armor before you hit them with your killing blow.

*Good in dungeons. Because of their powerful damage and debuffs, you can solo even end game dungeons without requiring advanced player experience.

*Good evasion skill. Don’t forget that this advancement from Rogue means you are able to enjoy evasion stats from Catspaw and Wolf Guardian. You will see that most of her skills gives you an evasive advantage over your opponent such as quick back attacks as well as good speed to go in and out from combat.

*Easy to level up. This is when you are dealing with grinding and leveling up. As you spend time playing this character, you will see that it has a good early game that also scale good on mid and late game.


*Doesn’t have good combo. Because this character relies on single powerful blow, she doesn’t have a good combo output. You will find that most of her skills are for evasion and precision and not for combo chain. If you really need to execute combo, you need to play it faster but actually that is not how you should play Assassin as this is more on debuffs stacks.

*Doesn’t have good AoE skills. Being a class that relies on single target, CA doesn’t have good AoE skills which is worst compare to Fire Lord's.

*Boring to play. Compare to other classes. Assassin has boring gameplay that deals with debuffs stacking and few good skills to use with. Assassin doesn’t offer good mechanics to play compare with other classes.

Wolf Guardian

Play as ability user on Roque class which come as Doom Blade in warrior class. Wolf Guardian known by her thunder magical skills and her ability to summon a wolf as guardian which is able to attack as well as defense in battle. In battle you will fight together with Sirius which is often joining skills and power together for devastating effect. Wolf Guardian uses lightning as primary element that comes into slash, strike and pierce attacks that will makes the flexible in terms of style of attacks.


*Hybrid attacker. Using this character you will see that they come into different damage type such as Wolf Guardian doing the slash and Sirius doing the strike and both of them do Piercing type attacks. Their attacks will come out as slash, strike and then it will end up with pierce and lightning based damage. With this flexibility of damage, it is really difficult for opponent to counter her attack type.

*Scale well. As you play the game and unlock more abilities, you will find this character powerful to play having good in both DPS and combo. It can also attack bosses while keeping evading opponent attack by riding Sirius.

*Easy to play. If you feel that difficult character such as Doom Blade and Catspaw is not for you, Wolf Guardian is good for you . She doesn’t requires advanced experience in game but still have a good end game that will not let you compromise later.


*Late gamer. You will find this class not so effective on the early game. And for you to enjoy the full potential of this character, you really need to spend more time unlocking her ability until you reach her end game.

*Skills are easy to cancel. You will see that most Wolf Guardian’s skills can be easily disrupted without awakening.

*Character having cooldown as the biggest disadvantage. This is why you need to reach higher level before you can use this character on her full potential. You need to have lots of skills that will give you ease with longer cooldown.


  • Nice copy paste

  • KipikipKipikip Member
    edited June 2017


    *Easy to level up.

    This is how you can tell this whole thread is bullshit. Assassin is considered one of the hardest classes to level up with, they have practically almost no AoE at all until lvl 35.

  • ImbseTImbseT Member

    @Kipikip said:


    *Easy to level up.

    This is how you can tell this whole thread is bullshit. Assassin is considered one of the hardest classes to level up with, they have practically almost no AoE at all until lvl 35.

    Hi,your post just shows what kind of player you are, next time learn more about game mechanics and then comment. Thanks :)

  • IceIce Member, Player Moderators mod
    edited June 2017

    You should try reading the source before posting these guides. They're extremely outdated and didn't even apply to the SEA servers when it released. Learn to read before copy pasting?

  • ImbseTImbseT Member

    @RyceCream said:
    You should try reading the source before posting these guides. They're extremely outdated and didn't even apply to the SEA servers when it released. Learn to read before copy pasting?

    Yeah it was for SEA beta version like we have our BETA... not gonna argue with you anymore,its pointless. To make everything clear:
    1.I said its not mine guide.
    2. I posted this because alot of people still dont know what they want to play and this kind of guide atleast shows each class gameplay.
    3. This guide informs about class GAMEPLAY not their skills,damage numbers,what combos to use or pvp builds.non of that.So since its not KR version,dated or not it doesnt make big of a deal because its for BETA version.
    4. If this kind of guide its pointless and totally unnecessary,forum moderators can delete it.I just tried to help and thats all.
    Thanks for your criticism,best regards.

  • At least show the source where you copy-paste it from.

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