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UniQue Guild EU


Unique is a group of real life friends who've gamed together for 9 years.
Our goal is endgame PvE/PvP focuses.
We like to have fun, enjoying the game and each other's company while progressing through content.
We don't impose restrictions on playtime (many of us have social obligations which require our attention).
Thus we have members that play many hours a day and some who play less.
That doesn't mean we don't push ourselves to conquer current content with the time we have.

What we bring:

  • TS3 (Only required for end-game)
  • Our own domain. UniQue-Gaming.eu for TS3 and website (The website is a work in progress)
  • Big plans for the future

UniQue focus on:

  • Respect and loyalty towards your fellow guild members
  • Help each other out when possible

So if you would like to join then all you have to do is one of the following

  1. Whisper one of our Guildleaders: billabonG, Rawrzor, Fenexter ingame and ask for an invite

  2. Poke one of our admins on the TS3


  • xTsuxxTsux Member

    Ts3 ist doch so veraltet warum kein Discord?

  • billabonGbillabonG Member

    Discord ist für die jüngere Generation , Teamspeak für die ältere Generation .

  • xTsuxxTsux Member
    edited June 2017

    und deshalb nutzen Discord auch ältere? ^^ So wie mein Vater und deren Kollegen und die sind schon alle über 30-40 :) Somit ist deine Aussage falsch

  • billabonGbillabonG Member
    edited June 2017

    Ich möchte in meinem Thread mich nicht mit dir diskutieren was besser ist und was nicht. Unsere Gilde wird TS3 benutzen , weil es für UNS das beste ist. Also verzieh dich mit deinem cancer overhyped discord bullshit und back dir ein Eis.

  • Most elderly i know use teamspeak or skype. Teamspeak mostly being used by the "gamers" in that age bracket. We ourselves are also allot more comfortable with how TS works and how we can manage the server. Since we do try to appeal to a certain crowd as well we have chosen TS in the end.

    Thanks for sharing your advice/tip though, should you have any more you are always welcome to post them here.

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