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Lightning Quake (Rogue passive)

What does it do exactly? it doesn't change anything, description says "enhanced version of Lightning Ball. Press tab when EX power bar is full", but you get it so early in the game so I think it's a mistake in the description. There's no such passives for any other EX skills, you just get them automatically. Doesn't have anything to do with long press Lightning Ball, that's just something you get once you turn into Wolf Guardian.

Can anyone shed some light please?


  • The description is wrong. If you take it you can activate lightning ball a second time to make it explode and deal a bunch of extra damage. it basically makes lightning ball good instead of shit :P

  • SchizSchiz Member

    Thank you for clarifying. But does it do anything when it comes to the Wolf Guardian version of the skill? Like, does it affect the damage for the long press version of the skill or something else?

  • Nope just knock back explosion.
    It works with wolf Guardian if you double tap but if you hold it down it sends out the ball of lightning (which is far more useful)

  • KipikipKipikip Member
    edited June 2017

    I don't think the long press is more useful, depends on the situation really.

    The long press pushes enemies so it can be used to group them together, but the double tap does more DPS I think (long press does more damage if it drags enemies in it and does its full damage, but it takes a longer time, so less DPS).

  • what i've seen is this passive gives extra shurikens to the shuriken skill o.o

  • @DTKKAATWKF said:
    what i've seen is this passive gives extra shurikens to the shuriken skill o.o

    Are you sure that's not just due to leveling up the shuriken skill? I remember that it allows you to use it three times in a row instead of two times starting at level 2 or something.

  • SchizSchiz Member

    Ok I don't want to make another thread since it's kind of related (aka weird/missing skill info on wolf guardian) so here's 2 more.

    • Spirit Lightning Tango [Awakened]. "Increase attack power for this skill". % is missing. Anyone knows it?
    • Ion Light Bullet [Awakened]. Some weirdo text and again missing %s. Same question.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies

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