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'Salty' EU/ Semi-Hardcore PvX

Hello y'all.

Quick introduction, Salty is a small guild of some friends over the years of gaming.
We decided to make a guild where everyone is welcome to join, if you're into hardcore PvP or PvE'ing, or you want to chill and hang out,
everything is possible.

Currently we have 1 requirement of being 18+.

We have a discord where we hope to have a lot of fun conversations and some hardcore grind sessions.

If you're interested in joining a semi-hardcore laid back guild, don't be afraid to apply !

Benefits of joining:
-(hopefully) a large community of people to play/talk with
-Bad humour
-Guild buffs ! ( the main reason for this guild)
-Laid back atmosphere, but still love to progress into the game.



  • can you add Discord Link or someone to talk to ingame to join?

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