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How to avoid boss' critical stage?

Please excuse me, I might have used the wrong term. Let's say, when the boss' getting low, bosses would enter critical stage (or something) is there any trigger or pre-warning sign? I always have to hit and run when they are getting low if I want 0 hit run, and I dont like that x'D

Additional: how can/do I change my forum name? I dont like being LJLLGEW7M4 x'D thanks


  • If you can keep the combo going without it breaking, you can kill bosses without ever triggering the critical state. This can be hard for some classes unless you have Ultra-Break skills (ultra is the purple aura that prevents being stunned by a hit) to make sure they can't recover.

    As long as you have quick reflexes to get the proper timing of your skills (specially saving the ultra break ones for the right time) you can do it without having to dodge the opponent.

    As for a warning, i don't think there is. It basically happens when they're at low HP, so the only thing you can do is combo them to death non-stop or avoid them, as you're already doing.

  • PrincessLuluPrincessLulu Member

    every class has 1 or 2 ultra break skill which cancels out the boss ultra just need to pay attention when the boss ultra trigger.

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