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ICianci Open Boards

Hello everybody :3 And welcome aboard the Infamous ICianci , named after a real Guild in italy We are looking for New and semi-active guild members for our special guild created and administrated by italians :3 we acpet from Every parts of the globs that plays on the EU server, but we prefer to have people That are near our beloved italian state :3 Me, Calad, will try to be active and always around in case someone needs an hand and a tutor to learn and grow as a player Experiences : Elsword since JP beta , DFO, maplestory 2 years. As a guild leader This is my second run :3 i had a growing guild in Elsword JP for 3 years and we were infamous for how fast we finished new content My second in comand , Zartax , will stay and be helpfull gameplay wise in case anyone needs it Experiences : You can DM us on the forum, In game, or even post it under here
Here's ours Discord : https://discord.gg/EcDY245 Just ask away ^^

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