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Weapon type specifics

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So there is like one post in this forum about this topic, but it has very little info and I cant seem to find it anywhere else. So can anyone go through the weapon types for each class and kind of explain the differences. I have a vague idea, like with warrior long sword is the fastest but lowest damage, claymore is the slowest but most damage, and greatsword is like a middle ground. But I feel like there has to be more to it, and with the reaper weapons, billhook is clearly the slowest and highest damage, but the other two -scythe and double scythe- don't seem to follow the same conventions as the warrior weapons. Can anyone provide some illumination on this topic? It would help me out, and probably a lot of new players.

Edit: So I looked again and realized I was wrong about the scythes. Twinscythe does actually have more attack speed that scythe. My b. But I still think it would be nice to kind of give a general idea as to what weapons synergize with which sub-classes.


  • I have only thoroughly played Warrior, so all I can add is that generally DoomBlade relies on the attack speed from long sword. Fire Lord prefers the extra damage from claymore, and Berserker doesn't necessarily rely on one or the other so can benefit from a mix of both with the greatsword. I have played a bit of Reaper too but so far haven't done enough research to formulate an actual opinion/understanding of what stats Vamp and Valk prefer.

  • Later on you'll start seeing Yellow quality weapons from Danger Zones giving specific bonuses to a particular class' abilities.

    As an example, later on there will be Yellow Claymores that give bonuses to Firelord abilities, Longswords that give bonuses to Doomblade abilities, and Greatswords that give bonuses to Berserker abilities.

    This same convention holds true for all classes, with one weapon type favoring one particular sub-class' abilities with special item effects.

    I don't know how this works for Reaper, since only Vamp and Valkyrie exist, so perhaps one weapon type for them has a more generic bonus rather than a specific bonus for a class that doesn't exist?

    In the end, the only thing you really NEED to focus on until starting to go for/get Legendary/Yellow weapons is the damage and perhaps some minor other effects on the weapon.

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