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Assassin weapon

I'm kinda lost with these 3 weapons type, any recommended stats for Assassin ? Since it's a mobile class (attack speed) but high burst (critical damage)


  • I'm lvl 24, so my info may not be legit, but i myself am using shortsword. My attack speed is high eneugh anyway and those 5% does not seem much, though with more attack i'll deal more damage. Attack power of my skills is in thousands of %, so i think every bit of attack in weapon will do more than bit of attack speed. About crits, i'd say that 1% or 2% difference in chance is nothing, since that means i'd do 1 or 2 crits more in 100 attacks. That's why i'd focus more in crit power, shortsword.

    I'll see what stats will higher levels bring, for now i'll stick with shortsword.

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