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Enhancing Artifacts after +3

So... has anyone actually tried enhancing them beyond +3 yet? or is everyone too paranoid about the break on failure thing? I was using a +3 green bonus damage shard and got a blue version of it today from Cerulean's box, so I decided to try doing this on the green artifact. The green artifact maxed out at +5 with no failures which surprised me, so I decided to take the risk and try it on the blue one too. The blue artifact also went straight to +5 and maxed out with no failures. Either I got extremely lucky which almost never happens to me in MMOs, or the success chance is actually high for this. Has anyone else tested this?


  • MaljasMaljas Member

    You're getting lucky. I've had many fails past 3+.

  • UtsaUtsa Member

    I've also gotten to +5 with no failures on a blue, but I wouldn't risk it with a Rare or Legendary artifact unless you got money to pour.

  • wait!!! artifacts can break? i got a blue one +4 and did not try to get that +5 cause not enough stones... well glad to know about this before is too late.

  • i do. im on blue atm (purple is expensive and violet kritium is the hardest to get imo) so everytime i get another of the same kind of artifact i currently use i try to get it higher than my current. on +4 atm.

  • NopiNopi Member ✭✭✭

    Didn't know these could break at all.

  • 2EndLifes4u2EndLifes4u Member ✭✭

    we need to wait for a fail protection item so it wont break if u fail

  • ElysuuElysuu Member

    Well, that's interesting. Guess I won't risk it then if I ever get a purple one. Thanks for the input.

  • GrievuuzGrievuuz Member ✭✭✭

    I broke 5 or 6 blue quality artifacts in the process of making a +5 bonus damage artifact before I succeeded.

    Just waiting for enhancement collateral, no way am I gambling a 15-20% chance of upgrading my shiny new legendary artifact, no way josé.

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