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Ded Game.

With the recent patch most people will quit. Do you know how I know? I was an open and closed beta player in the ARPG called Devilian and a guild master of one of the top guild at the time with in that game, and Kritika developers are following thier foot steps.

How to kill your game 101

Allow people who first started to breeze through content and become over powered then making it a lot harder for those that came a bit later to gear up the same way (I was one of those OP people in Devilian and left due to player base dying out). One thing you should never do is make current content harder in an ARPG unless it was bugged to be super easy already. You should only make new content harder, but don't touch old content or else it would be really unfair to those that came a bit behind. Those new or newish players will feel like sub class humans and will leave. Once they leave the whales won't have anyone to e-peen over and they will leave.

Set retarded price locks on the auction house. Black Desert Online had this which made T7-T8 horse not worth thier price and some items were very under priced and some were over priced. Stabilizing Hammers for 1.5 million gold is really dumb.

Have game artificially made bearable by bots before bots leave due to patch. Challenge letters and other things that bots made abundant will now be scarce.

The use of rest points making it bad to grind on one main character and favoring alts (now alts are trash too).

Make Arena unfair with wings giving stats and having anti-debuff for debuff based classes.

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  • HabibiHabibi Member

    Yep. Hit it right on the head. I was obsessed with this game before this patch. Now I'm contemplated pressing uninstall.

  • NguyenLegendsNguyenLegends Member
    edited July 2017

    Lol. Trying to edit the post needs it to be approved which deletes the thread. It should have 1 - 5 bullet points.

  • Worst patch ever ...

  • Oh all. I forgot to mention the login rewards and leveling rewards ending this morning instead of later tonight... Worse move.

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