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V202 Update Konstructive Feedback Korner

Hi all,

I've been seeing a ton of feedback around today's update. Right now, it's pretty scattered across General Discussion, the patch notes thread, etc. I want to get it all in one place so that I don't miss anything when passing along feedback to Allm. There's a lot of great feedback in the patch notes thread, but that's ten pages long, and I want to start a fresh conversation here.

But first, the RULES:

  • Keep it constructive. We need concrete suggestions on what you'd like to see changed. "I like it!" or "I don't like it!" aren't ideas that we can pass along.
  • Keep it friendly. It's understandable that some folks might not like certain changes, but please don't attack other posters, EME, or Allm staff.

Anyone not following the above rules gets bounced from the Konstructive Korner. Thanks for your feedback everyone. Post away!



  • RaptorClawzRaptorClawz Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    So my post just got deleted. I'll word this nicely.

    Change SH back to the way it was. It's too ridiculous for players under 150k cr.

    50$ min buy price for SH gear is too much.

  • ToysToys Member

    I already said most of my issues, I wanna point out that I just checked, Warp Mage's Planar Distortion also has an issue in the arena atm, it's not applying consistently. Seems some of the arena bosses are immune to it, and others aren't, which especially important when it doesn't apply to someone like Wolf Queen (Ayida I think?) who moves around quickly and can't really be hit by any of Warp Mage's skills (time bomb, normal attacks, and just throw all your AoEs down in hope she gets glanced by one of them).

    Obviously there is assassins and frost mage issues, then there's this, might wanna give the arena a closer look to make sure there aren't issues like this with other classes.

  • ToysToys Member

    @noctred said:
    Another thing -

    Accuracy needs to be presented better. The tooltip is actually 100% useless. How much does a single point of accuracy contribute to graze reduction? What is the accuracy cap? Is there one? It's literally impossible to tell how much accuracy you need to marginalize graze chance.

    I'm not a fan of graze mechanics in games like this in general (balance in Vindictus is a much better and clearer mechanic), but if it's going to stay then there needs to be some concrete data available for the accuracy stat.

    This, honestly you should just take the accuracy/balance method of other games and implement that, I think this is what you said it was like before this patch? I'm unsure why you even changed it, the graze mechanics are awful.

  • Shields on SH bosses need to be changed some classes have a very hard time to do dammage to bosses while there up.
    They need to recharge slower or should just be a 1 time thing because as it stands now the moment you break it the boss either goes in into EX mode or cast a long spell that gives them a dammage reduction shield and the shield is back up when its done.

    Dammage, mobs on speed crack is out of control needs a reduction across the board or def stats need to be boosted to be usefull.

    all modes needs a buff on boss soul drops 1 soul drop on easy way to little reward and makes it harder for new players to get the daily SH buys
    new players can no longer gear up with outspending a small fortune on reroll scrolls and will just leave the game afther they find out all they can do is 6 daily missions on easy mode and then run it 60 times more to get 60 purple souls to get all the daily buys. normal and easy need more purple soul drops.

    AH min prices need to be reduced by alot let the player base decided what a items is worth not you. we were diong fine SH prices were slowly dropping in price because no 1 was buying them or already had there items. it was well below the 5k min price you set now for a reason.

    Remove the daily party quest and make it a normal quest or make it 2-4 i dont want to kick out 2 people from a party just to complete it.

    Remove Chaos shards from the normal drop pool and make it like bosssouls its already a gaint task getting keystones or gear drops and now it even gets deluded more by those shard drops.

    just give us the sea patch already were items cost 15 keystones.

  • So a disclaimer before I get into this: I'm about to write a rather lengthy exposition detailing my own opinion regarding today's update. While I can't stop others from discussing any points I make, I won't be responding to any direct replies regarding this post. I just don't have it in me to debate today.

    TL;DR I would love for someone at EME or Allm to take the time to value my individual opinion, but I understand there's enough on your plate at the moment. Succintly: in the face of some decent additions and changes, my feelings toward this update as a whole are rather overwhelmingly negative. Unfortunately I already tried to be as brief as I could in details below.

    Now a little about myself before I begin. I signed up for CBT on a whim having heard about the game from a friend and ended up getting in. I got in and, while it wasn't perfect, I ultimately enjoyed it a lot. Fast forward to OBT, I've honestly probably put at least 8 hours into the game every day since it launched (jobless college student out for summer). I'm a mostly F2P player, I bought the $20 Founder pack to show some support for the game and was hoping to spend more when I was able... we'll see how that goes. I have 5 capped characters, one 66k CR (or was, today he's 59k for no apparent reason), two ~35k CR characters, and the other two just running the daily dungeon if I can send those materials to my main. I'm aware I could have much more CR on my main if I cared more about reppraising, but after some bad luck with my weapon I decided to save my scrolls for when I had more SH pieces in hand. I was the kind who would get on and just get my dailies done on the highest difficulty I could manage, then go back to my main and grind SH or Skyship as I saw fit. It was simple work, and yes I was already blowing up SH Extreme in one or two hits, but under the assumption that we would get different challenging content later, I was content just making progress towards being ready for that day.

    And here we go:


    I want to start with this point because it's the simplest. I feel Accuracy as a mechanic before was fine, even if most people (for whatever reason) had trouble understanding it. We could choose to slightly boost some specific damage-typed skills or make all our damage a bit more consistent. It wasn't a significant choice, but neither choice was wrong. As it stands now, Graze is honestly just a completely anti-fun mechanic. Gameplay and gearing isn't made any better or more diverse because of it. You're a fool for taking anything other than Accuracy almost everywhere you can get it, and still we have the nonsense mechanic of some skills basically failing because random numbers. At its absolute best it's a minor annoyance for classes with very consistent damage, at worst it horribly cripples classes dependent on singular, decisive hits (Firelord, Assassin, maybe others). Maybe I'm in the minority here, but this is honestly the worst change of the patch for me and I hope you'd consider simply removing Graze altogether, as it was prior.


    Oh boy. Let me try to be brief, I ran Memory of War Extreme with my Wolf Guard prior to maintenance and got a time of 3:30... after the update, the same dungeon on Easy took me almost 7 minutes. I understand that it's possible to hit almost 60k CR in level 60 legendaries with near perfect rolls, but between random drop chance for those legendaries and the RNG behind getting those perfect rolls, it's an unpleasant experience to have to deal with that for a week or two before being able to reliably(and still slowly) clear Starhenge. I understand I shouldn't be soloing Extreme a day into cap, but somewhere in these difficulty changes you've lost the feeling of being able to casually make at least decent progress through the game. If I'm forced to suggest a solution, I think the non-Extreme difficulties offered a fair sense of risk and time to reward before. Put all the rough'n'tough mumbo jumbo exclusively in Extreme so it doesn't feel like a chore reaching that point, even if that point is mainly time-gated behind dailies.

    One of two more key points on Starhenge, the health and damage buff to enemies on Extreme is one thing; the buff to attack and movespeed on top of that is simply absurd. Second room Galt in Memory of War is genuinely broken with the attack speed, and it's just too annoying trying to catch enemies just zipping all over the place (and this was partying with a Frost Mage). It's not as terrible a way to increase difficulty as most people say, but please consider dialing back those values (or at least not making Galt basically do an i-frame check every 10 seconds with his Lava Wave).

    Speaking of Frost Mages that leads me to my other point... the addition of shields is at least controversial to most, but I just have two quick statements: one, Frost Mage absolutely breaks against shields, people who mained the class are quite rightfully regretting their entire time with the game. Please just let them apply their stacks as usual on shields, it's simply not fair that they're the one class who functionally completely and utterly fails when faced with shields. Two, aside from Frost Mage the shields really don't change as much as people think. The only boss who's much worse now is Gilad, and that's more because he has massive damage resist unless you can break him out of a move. It was fine before because it was possible to juggle past the damage, but his shields simply recharge way too fast and the fight drags out waaaaay too long. Either remove his damage resist, or perhaps more pleasing to everyone else consider slowing the shield recharge on all bosses.


    I don't have much to say about this (for now) because the community is still unclear on how exactly it all works. But I have two key concerns, first being the anti-debuff property of enemies that, similar to the prior point, pointlessly crushes a few classes while doing nothing to most. Also grabs seem to malfunction on the enemies, not sure if this is intentional design or a bug, but if it's intentional design it likewise just unfairly punishes the few classes more dependent on grabs. I had another concern, but that ties specifically into how the rewards are handled so maybe I'll come back and edit tomorrow.

    Auction House

    I didn't deal very much with the auction house, I'm the kinda guy who would save Kred for things that can absolutely only be purchased with Kred and just grind for the rest. That being said, the more I think about it the less a minimum price on items makes any sense. I totally get a maximum price limit to avoid unrealistic prices for free to play players, but the community as a whole kinda already decided on their minimum prices prior to the update. I'm sure... I HOPE you had good intentions with the minimum prices, but I just think the idea does more harm than good.

    I would hope someone in charge at least got the Sparknotes version of this, but thank you to anyone who read it all. I'd just like to remind everyone that even if this patch is a mess, the best thing we can do is respectfully tell them and hope for the best.

  • heeysaheeysa Member
    edited July 2017

    @noctred said:
    Repost from another thread -


    You should never buff content after you have allowed players to free farm it.

    That is the #1 largest mistake this patch has made.

    I like that the fights are more difficult now. However, the difficulty should have come in the form of new content. When you make existing content more difficult after your players have been mindlessly farming it for a month (especially in a ARPG), all you are doing is exaggerating the disparity between those people who beefed themselves up during the ez farm period and those people who are just getting into the game during the post-buff period. Players on the former end of the spectrum literally don't care about the changes and just get stronger while players on the latter end of the spectrum just get screwed.

    Again - you do not buff existing content in a ARPG unless it comes with a full progression reset. This is game design 101. The difficulty spike was 100% needed but it should have come in the form of new content - god knows there's plenty of it on KR.

    Some of the AH prices are "questionable" to say the least, but the above issue is the biggest offender by a mile.

    Have to agree with this. I was waiting for new content before I went crazy with gearing and now I'm getting punished for it.

    1. Arena is amazing , keep it the way it is !
    2. Auction prices are not right and should be left for players to decide( items used to sell for 50k are now 1.5mil )
    3. Starhenge is way to hard for newcomers even Easy and Normal is to strong. bring it back and leave extreme as it is with increased drop %
    4. Potion oh Wham should be back in game, people who bought alot before patch can still use it and it activated inside dungeon (unfair)
    5. Patch is just for 150k+ CR people right now and all newcomers are leaving.
  • HerpHerp Member
    edited July 2017

    The only good thing about the patch was the arena change..
    SH change was an absolute slap in the face..

    For a while now you kept saying that they wanted to get us geared yet there was no change in drop rates for keystone fragments or adding the option of having hero keystones to drop themselves that would massively increase the rate in getting geared...
    but all you did was make it so the people that had the extra money have the option to buy said pieces of gear..

    Why was that the option to go with when there are more clear paths to go

    Increased drop rates of keystone fragments
    Increased drops of keystone fragments on extreme from 3 to 5/6
    Adding Hero keystone to the loot tables
    maybe actually increasing the drop rate of the gear.. instead of claiming to buff it by x2... 0.1% x 2 is still abysmal.

    but now with the change to SH hardly anyone under 150k CR will more then likely not touch SH and any of that will be for nothing. (I am a solo player and i do not have plans to join a party for it and that shouldn't be something im forced into doing.)
    I am 130k CR with k-perks and even before the change the time it took me to burn all my RP to green was like an hour tops and even then it was time consuming. Now its going to take me like 3x that and its not even worth it at that point.

    So i would like to see the SH get changed back to the way it was as there was nothing wrong outside of drop rates of anything relevant from there.

    As for the arena changes..
    Thanks, the one good thing to come of the patches so far.

    Thank you for taking the time to read throughout all of the negativity that has come forth from this patch as i'm sure its mentally draining.

    (Edited out the link to a twitch clip because it didn't link properly)

  • @Katsuiee said:
    4th time this post was deleted. REE.

    First I would like to say people will agree and disagree. Be constructive possibly and not give one-twos on why something shouldn't be just because you think it shouldn't be and not give anything on HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER.

    Starhenge with its difficult increase

    Essentially, with the increase of difficulty with bosses having a Shield and more HP, this limits new players (especially) and F2P players from having to be able to keep up the pace with Whales, which is worst now than ever. For the new players who has genuinely no idea what their expecting coming to this game, they will be extremely handicapped because of their gear limitations going into Starhenge and the rewards from doing Easy and possibly Normal for them being underwhelming, takes even MORE time to catch up with the general public.. having them to spend resources to upgrade gear that is quickly thrown out the window and particularly with the Accuracy fix, makes new players have a extremely difficult time on trying to complete.
    For F2P players, which majority of us sits around on average 60k~120k, weren't prepared, and were actually not expecting the difficulty curve to shoot straight up. Players that were waiting for new classes were shot in the foot. Players leveling alts for the event 1k Kreds were shot in the foot. I don't know what to say about this, but it's just a insane increase of difficulty coming in to this patch.
    For whales, yeah no, everything still dies and its a breeze. The whales only get stronger and richer.

    What do I suggest?

    1. Tweak rewards.
    • Easy rewards Normal's reward.
    • Normal rewards Hard's Reward.
    • Hard rewards Extreme's Reward.
    • Extreme's value should be increased by +1
    1. Tweak Bosses stats to be newbie friendly from Easy to Normal, Hard being pre-patch with Shield, and keep Extreme as is or buff(?) to compensate for the increase of reward value.
    2. Increase Starhenge's daily box purchase by +1
      TLDR ;
    • Newbies will struggle ALOT more than pre-patch to catch up with the general population
    • F2P were indefinitely not prepared for the sharp increase of difficulty
    • Whales will progress even faster, leaving Day 1 F2P players out of the dust due to increase of pace which was not an big issue pre-patch.
    • Suggestions, not definite fixes wanted to be implemented but discussed on.

    Auction House Changes

    Don't know how prices were determined, some items are overpriced than the previous patch. Gold received in game does not justify the prices in the AH. Is it really a big deal? Depends on the person. Helps to stop Gold Seller, but the gold ratio isn't quite there. Would probably get better overtime. In my own opinion, some items should not have a range, but that idea in my head is quite vague and I can't really go into details about it.

    Now personally for Kreds, I feel like if our version was the only version to have a secondary currency to buy gear, use it in the EMP shop or players who doesn't want to spend money to get things from the EMP store, should NOT have a limit range to it. It should be PLAYER DRIVEN. I've never heard of an issue regarding Kreds to the point it needed to have some sort of limitations of how much 'x' should be sold. This limits people not wanting to spend, be restricted on selling 'x' for this amount and not obtaining 'x' faster.


    1. Enable Trading. This allows another aspect of economy to the game.
    2. Remove Gold limitations.. Just kidding, but somehow keep track of supply and demand and adjust according, since I don't think its dynamic.(Or actually REMOVE it depending how much feedback you get on this)
    3. Remove Kred limitations. Let the players drive the currency.
      TLDR ;
    • Amount of gold given in-game doesn't justify the prices of things in the Auction house.
    • My dumb self said to remove Gold limitations.
    • Kred limitations should be removed and should be driven by the Players, for the Players.
    • Enable trading. Why isn't this a thing yet.

    Arena changes.

    Arena is LIT. The best thing to ever happen to Kritika. Don't change any thing until there is a new soft cap for Combat Rating to make it even harder.

    Keep it constructive, don't bash other's opinion but simply improve on the idea unless its that bad.

    P.S. Bring back the Wardrobes (4 Costumes, 10+ badges) for 2995 Kreds.

    Best feedback i've seen so far, good job man ! 100% agreed with everything

  • I think Allm or whoever decided these difficulty changes went a bit too far. I do like my difficulty but when you're just inflating the numbers, this will just cause a bigger divide with newer people gearing up. The point of an mmo is to attract more players and keep the current player base happy, but this patch will only trim off those that are new and want to get geared while just narrowing down the whales or already high cr people. I myself have 100k cr and think the artificial difficulty changes (especially normal and easy) are too much.

    I was also wondering what happened with the Sunset Port area of the game that was supposed to help players gear up for SH and get more Ether Force. The reason there's such a huge difference between the final Xanadu dungeon and the SH dungeons, even before this patch, is because there was an entire town filled with daily quests and content and tons of dungeons meant to help people gear up. If you wanted the game to last, you should've implemented that area so players have more to do instead of forcing people to party up and gear quickly from Xanadu to SH. I'm assuming that you guys looked at the data and saw that people who knows how to increase their cr quickly just cleared SH faster and faster making it seem necessary to inflate the stats. You shouldn't decide difficulty on the 10% or so of the player base that has insane cr.

    As it stands, what will happen with future content? Will the recommend cr just keep inflating at an absurd amount? This isn't all there is to 65 cap and once 70 cap hits, this will make the content useless but if people are blocked by the insane amount of artificial difficulty, how are they supposed to level and get gear for 70 cap stuff? I'm afraid of the pattern this may set for future end game content because if you just keep inflating the difficulty, how am I supposed to gear new classes I find fun and what to try out?

    I also want to suggest that before implementing something like this in the future, have the gms or the team play test this stuff. I want to see people like Smoreceror try to clear the new Extreme SH under 5 revives with adequate gear (somewhere around 75k cr) on a couple of classes to get a better idea of whether or the buff to dungeons is too much or not. Some classes will have an easier time but a dungeon is meant to be clearable on ALL classes.

  • @Nematode said:
    I have only been level 65 for two days (currently 37k CR) and already I can see the current state of the game is a joke. Everyone (except for the whiners >in here who havent figured out endgame works yet) does the same thing - they do their dailies and then they join a bella ex farm group, 1 or 2 members >are geared and just one shot everything while the the rest of the party just runs for the door. There's no point in trying to contribute your own damage, the >best way to help your group is just run to the door as quickly as possible.

    What an absurd meta game. Either you're carried, or you're a carry that one-shots everything. But no matter what you are, you're not actually playing the >game. Some 'action' RPG when all you do is whack the loot pinata all day every day. The only action I do is chaining skills together to move to the door >faster.

    That said, I'm super excited for these changes because EM seems to be aware of the issue and are taking smart steps to fix it.

    To everyone saying these are bad changes, you are delusional - most of us are here to actually play a video game, not just run from room to room holding >down the F key. Either you are blind to what endgame has turned into or you are just selfishly clinging to your progression goals. You know what's better >than gear? A game that's actually fun (which it definitely was, pre-65)

    Bringing this from the old post because i disagree with it. I would love to agree but in a game like this where you have to repeatedly farm the exact same dungeons 100's upon 100's of times no, just no. It's fun to have a challenge and to take your time but once you have all the mechanics down and spend 10+min doing a run multiple times a day, because you aren't being carried, you will get tired of it. The "challenge" or "difficulty" that it adds is just an illusion and you will grow tired of it. You said you were only 65 for a couple days, well, your grind has only just begun and you were lucky to get carried yet that bothered you. Soon, very soon, you will realise that you should have been more thankful for those carry runs as you now struggle to gear. Obtaining badges & SH gear now takes exponentially longer than it did pre-patch.

  • ToysToys Member

    @ANC5MD6KNC said:
    Best feedback i've seen so far, good job man ! 100% agreed with everything

    Most of his feedback was great, but he literally said don't change anything about arena. While arena is great right now, it's got a lot of issues, starting with how some classes are completely fucked over in it. The debuff mechanics and inconsistencies are fucking some of us over, the gravity applied to the enemies causes any knock up to immediately put them in recovery, some classes are fucked by this if they can't one shot the enemy. Secondly he may not have thought about it, but the arena really needs badges as a daily reward.

  • I cant believe it actually went live like this... my advice is hire some better testers...

    Good Changes:

    • Accuracy - The only issue with this is that now people who spent hundreds of dollars/gold/time gearing a certain way, have a new stat to stack that wasn't relevant last week. Now, all of a sudden were grazing; so I can see why people would be pissed off about it. Overall I like the idea. Good change, but maybe lower the Accuracy/graze requirement a tad while we are adjusting.

    • Charm crafting - Taking away a lot of RNG in favor of rewarding farmers, very very good change. (this one is my personal favorite)

    • Removing shields from leveling bosses, particularly the fast assassiny ones - awesome change. that was a huge turnoff for new players to have to deal with Ilya/petra

    • Arena rewards are amazing, 10/10.

    • Over-Compensation drop rate event for extended maintenance 10/10. It really shows that you guys care about the community.

    Bad Changes: (Everything else)

    • Speed hack bosses- feels super unnatural and impossible to deal with on some encounters. Some classes just don't have enough iframes and tumble is on too long of a CD. Attack animations are fine to be faster. you over did the move speed and its silly to look at. Totally ruins the feel of the game.

    • Shields in starhenge - Good idea for gilad and Krakator because they were mostly immobile and easy to deal with. they needed more than just extra hp and damage. Bad idea for Abelard and Belladonna. They are already CC immune so breaking the shield doesn't reward you with extra juggling, cc, or dps. Just makes the run feel way longer and extra stupid. Please remove...... Other than this, Starhenge is ok as-is. Possibly increase the Souls/keystone drops for newbies to even get to 150k. Right now there is such a little reward for them to even try the gear grind on easy/normal. (Example 3-6-9-12 violet souls; easy-norm-hard-extreme. Double keystones across the board, dimensional only droppable on extreme.) Right now they cant even farm for keystones/charms to be able to get the craftable sets. Massive progession wall you've created

    • not being able to enhancement Transfer to the dimensional gear should be top priority. who the hell wants to blow an extra 30 bucks on hammers or whatever to enhance yet another T7. I feel I'm being punished for gearing prior to this patch. This should have been done before the release. I would highly recommend to anyone reading this; do not touch your dimensional drops until the enhance transfer is patched in. It will be way too difficult to retroactively compensate people for the extra time and resources they spent enhancing a piece of the same tier because of a mistake. If you click the help box in the enhancement transfer screen, it says in clear English "allows transfer of enhancing levels to pieces of the same tier or 1 tier higher". I'm guessing this is a bug or translation error?

    • Auction - I really love the idea of the fixed price market to deal with gold bots. However, the pricing data you pulled is really crappy. You need extra testers or in game GM's online to be able to adjust these pricing things as needed. We should be able to gigaphone for a GM to quick fix a price on the spot rather than coming to forums and waiting a week. Another option is resetting the prices all together and letting the community decide what things are worth. leaving trading out of the game is a fine idea. The 1.5 mil stability hammer should be a meme. Someone make one please.

    • Arena - I love the idea of 2 bosses. But the CC immunity is really stupid. Some classes are inherently designed to CC and bash on mobs, they don't have the same iframes/kiting. By not allowing the bosses to be juggled, CC'ed, or combo'd efficiently; you are undermining the core functions of some classes (Frost Mages). Also, the bosses currently do more damage than can be mitigated with top tier armor. If I invest in fully decking out my armor, I expect to survive at least 2 hits. Don't make Arena easy, but scale back the damage maybe 20% or so. This should be priority #2.

    • Pets - You boned half of your population by ninja nerfing the founders pet. As a customer, if I buy something for real money with x stats, and you then change those stats, it ruins your credibility for any future purchases. Who's to say you wont nerf my costume next week?. Ruined a lot of the goodwill you established from the over-compensation and arena freebies.

    Misc. Suggestions

    • real time customer support of some form, 1-2 in game GM's paid marginally will do wonders. It would take a lot of work off your shoulders having to come to forums with issues.
  • found two major bugs and have tested it to make sure.

    K-perks do not work. even with lvl 5 perks, my stats and cr do not change.
    greater wham/zoom also do not give stats or work in general,

    edited July 2017

    @Toys said:

    @ANC5MD6KNC said:
    Best feedback i've seen so far, good job man ! 100% agreed with everything

    Most of his feedback was great, but he literally said don't change anything about arena. While arena is great right now, it's got a lot of issues, starting with how some classes are completely fucked over in it. The debuff mechanics and inconsistencies are fucking some of us over, the gravity applied to the enemies causes any knock up to immediately put them in recovery, some classes are fucked by this if they can't one shot the enemy. Secondly he may not have thought about it, but the arena really needs badges as a daily reward.

    @Toys said:

    @ANC5MD6KNC said:
    Best feedback i've seen so far, good job man ! 100% agreed with everything

    Most of his feedback was great, but he literally said don't change anything about arena. While arena is great right now, it's got a lot of issues, starting with how some classes are completely fucked over in it. The debuff mechanics and inconsistencies are fucking some of us over, the gravity applied to the enemies causes any knock up to immediately put them in recovery, some classes are fucked by this if they can't one shot the enemy. Secondly he may not have thought about it, but the arena really needs badges as a daily reward.

    I agree with your opinion with the badges and such,and that the assassin and other debuff oriented classes are in severe disavantage at the arena, but i think that the most important issue to adress first would be the balancing in starhange, the overall comerce in the game and fixing bugs, like the warpmage buff, the assassins ex skills and a lot of others, but yeah, arena really need some work.

  • LuckyS123LuckyS123 Member
    edited July 2017

    SH change is dreadful. Its not "challenging" its just time waster now. Every extreme run takes atleast twice longer as b4 for no reason or reward. New player cant farm it cause its too hard and geared ppl cant spend rp there efficiently cause it takes too long. How about you restore it back the way it was? And increase legendary loot by reasonable amount(so we get more ppl geared as intended) not just "double loot amounts" on random 0.0001%
    I found really hard enjoying the game now it went from fun to "chore" over night. And accuracy "nerf" came really bad time when every hp was raised so significantly and all skills graze really often now. Do one or the another not both and also accuracy could have tooltip to show your current %to hit skill "not just random amount is needed"


    the changes are okay. the real issue is the auction house price limit... the free market should exist. no one is gonna buy hammers now since it's a huge jump from 40k to 1.5m... and I'm not happy about costume pieces being capped at 5m... I bought few summer outfits to flip for profit and I won't sell at that price.

  • RaxyzzRaxyzz Member
    edited July 2017

    I'm gonna keep it simple. I play with two other friends and we just play among ourselves. We don't enter guilds nor play with random people, we like to play at out own pace. We reached lvl 65 literally yesterday, SH dungeons in three people were hard, but manageable. Now they're plain impossible. If you just reached 65 I don't think you'll get anywhere in 202 without help from other higher level players.
    Lemme sum up:
    -We cause less damage with graze
    -Enemies have more health
    -Bosses are utterly impossible on easy
    -We still can't get better equips so that we can actually play the game.

    We started creating alts today and playing from scratch, but I'll just say this, the game is less fun than it was.

  • arena is perfect imo. love it. starhenge isnt the best but as 100k cr it doesnt really affect me a lot. we still cheese her. reward buffs are nice. all the loot is nice. events are nice mini game is nice. awesome job overall.

  • Repost from last thread with adjustments:

    Grazing has no place in a game like this and needs to go, it's a horrible mechanic that belongs in like a turn based RPG, not an ACTION MMO. Should of just kept grazing off and just have accuracy be the stat that makes your min/max damage better which is fine, what's not fine is random chances for your DPS to just completely bottom out when you land a hit because the game said so.

    It's basically the game going, "ha you punched me directly in the face, but not really", it's pretty BS and unfair.

  • just found another issue. we was told that in this patch you could salvage starhenge gear for herostones. friend just tried salvage a hat for gunmage from bella manor and it only gave gold shards

  • I don't care about the SH changes too much, only complaint is that new players will have an extremely hard time compared to people who have been playing since start of OBT.

    The major problem I have with this patch is the AH. With the recent change, the market is no longer a free market, having fixed prices does not allow the players to control the supply and demand. "Supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of a market economy." If this change was supposed to act as an invisible hand (it's an economic term, look it up if you don't know), this is not how an invisible hand works. I don't know what your intentions were when making this change, but this is the first time that I've seen a market so limited. The AH should be a place where players can buy and sell their items without any limitations. Having a free market economy benefits everyone and with this patch, the free market no longer exists with set price ranges. Take, for example the SH gear on the AH, as far as I know, their lowest price is 5k kreds, whereas before they were anywhere from 2k-8k. Before this patch, players were allowed to get rid of their unwanted SH gear for cheap, which in turn allowed other players to get a piece of SH gear for cheap. You can see that this exchange is beneficial to both parties since both of them got what they wanted. But now that there is a set price for items, a lot of players can't afford to buy the items that they need/want. On the other end of the spectrum, there have been people who've lost a lot of money from the price ceiling on items. Good legendary charms were hard to obtain, and because of their rarity, their price on the AH was extremely high, but with the new price ceiling, the players who worked to get those charms and been robbed of their profit, they might even be losing money for having crafted the charms before this patch.

    Before I continue, I'm just gonna say that I'm F2P and earned around 30k kred from selling SH crafts (20% tax stole like 5k from me feelsbadman) , so I don't know how the $$ -> kreds conversion is (looks like $1:100kred on website though). In terms of kreds, there are some items with price ranges that just straight up don't make sense. I guess the really important one is SH gear. From the posts above mine and from playing the game, you can tell that there is a huge difference between the SH difficulties. For example, I ran extreme on my ~70k CR valk and was still fine, but when I went to do easy/normal on my ~12k CR alts, I think I could have done 2 dungeons on extreme before finishing a easy/normal run. So now this doesn't make sense right? And so the problem lies here, where new players are stumped at low reward dungeons while average players like me can still do hard/extreme without too much difficulty. With the new patch, if the new players wanted to get a SH piece from the market to increase their CR, they would have to spend at least $50/5000kred whereas before, they might've only needed to spend $20/2000kred, making gearing much more affordable to the average player. It's not only SH gear though, I've tried Grand gear and other lower level legendaries/purples and they all have a unreasonable lowest price. I hope I don't have to explain why this is bad any further. (Players are forced to spend more $$/kred to get an item that they want, which seems like a cash grab to me, just saying.)

    Seriously though, before this patch, players could have gotten items for much much less due to the supply that other players provide and the demand that the item has. By setting a highest and lowest price, you've effectively destroyed the free market. Now, I'm aware of bots selling items such as challenge letters, hammers, and kritium shards, but you have to realize that the bots aren't always bad to the game. Because there are bots, the players have the option of spending in-game gold to get what they want at a reasonable price (unless the bots are too good and set everything overpriced, but that doesn't seem to be an issue). Also, the increased gold gain does not justify the sharp increase in prices in the AH set by you guys.

    TLDR: Remove the set prices and let the players run the economy.

    PS: Arena is much better now, ty for change, but event shop is useless.

    Reminder: Please keep feedback constructive and provide examples to explain to others if possible.

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