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You guys really need to make easy - hard modes a lot easier.

Or have a place between starhenge and Xanadu.

New players just won't be able to catch up like how people did in the first month and min prices on starhenge gear needs to go away. You guys made it tradable on auction house to allow players to get geared faster, but then made Starhenge 10 times harder and 10 times less rewarding. That's contradictory.

The people one shotting starhenge dungeons are mostly still doing so. This change is a huge slap to casual playerbase which I believe will be gone by this month.


  • MorgianaSenpaiMorgianaSenpai Member ✭✭✭

    I'm probably going to assume that more than 15% of the player base already left the game. My guild in the game is very small and I've already had 80% of my members quit the game.It's almost impossible to gear now.

  • heeysaheeysa Member

    I doubt it will be long before they revert the SH changes....if they want the game to last another month.

  • SaitanaSaitana Member
    edited July 2017

    @heeysa said:
    I doubt it will be long before they revert the SH changes....if they want the game to last another month.

    I was fine with the double drop rate. That was all they had to do. Then I wouldn't mind new dungeons in the future being much more difficult than SH because at least that double drop rate would help us prepare for that content. Now new players heading into SH are at a disadvantage like no other.

  • DAiNiROKDAiNiROK Member
    edited July 2017

    What does double drop rate mean exactly? If it was like 0.1% before patch to obtain items then double means nothing. It would make a difference if it was increased to 10%.

  • If drop rates for legendaries were really even below 5% you wouldn't see one for a week or so.

  • deltisdeltis Member

    We dont see t7 starhenge legendaries so its like 0,01%. None since closed beta.

  • JulicenJulicen Member
    edited July 2017

    To be honest I am glad that they buffed the extreme dungeon, people with massive CR were getting bored. However, I doubt they realized that they squished-out the people with lower CR and all new players. You can always fix your CR by scrolls, but you need the damn Purple boss souls which drops laughably on easy. I am fine with the changes but players need a better way to increase their CR ffs.

  • AistAist Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017

    I dont see the problem with making Easy well, easy!. I mean braindead easy. Like no one-shots, no shields, less hp, slower movement. Or if these mechanics must exist on easy, make them much more forgiving and easier to handle so people can see what the fight is like and learn the mechanics, but not die 25 times each fight. This would let people slowly prepare for harder content and slowly work on crafting gear.

    Make it a place where people can go and do their keystone dailies and learn the fights and prepare for the real difficulties. Easy already has like no chance to drop anything useful and you get a terrible amount of boss soul (0-1). Not like people are going to go farm Easy if you make it actually easy. there is no rewards for doing so.

    What we have now is basically Hard, Harder, Hardest, and Ridiculous.

  • What is really starting to disturb me is that these overcorrections to skewed feedback from a disproportionately vocal subset of the playerbase are the mistakes of newbie developers, but we KNOW this isn't the case. Kritika has been out for years overseas, and EME has gone through a lot of this same balance/reward song and dance with TERA, so everyone involved should KNOW better.

    I keep scratching my head looking at how things are being handled, and the bulk of the decisions being made. I'm really trying to parse out the logic behind these errors, because I want to believe there's some valid rationale that I'm missing. Every time I do this, I can only conclude malice or incompetence, and it's frankly depressing.

    I don't know; maybe the next dev/publisher update post will give us a clearer idea of what exactly they're trying to accomplish, so that we can at least make better decisions about whether we want to support their direction. Otherwise, I suspect the NA Kritika release is going to end up mostly sizzle surrounding a paltry and uneaten steak.

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