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The general problem is buffing up new content and not adding harder new content instead.

So here is the deal. Starhenge got buffed and is harder, but the rewards are the same. The people that did starhenge before the patch pretty much got geared on the "easy" un-buffed starhenge. This is not at all fair for everyone that came after. When I read the patch notes and read "new starhenge" I thought it was a new dungeon, and not these changes to it.

You should never buff content after a subset of the population has farmed it already.

I am sure those who aren't well geared feel neglected now and would not want to play anymore. My guildies and some of my friends around 50-60k CR can't get into an extreme run without someone leaving or with out getting kicked. Also don't say "Lawlz go grind on easy-hard and waste your RP for almost 0 rewards" when most people already grinded on extreme with all its benefits before.

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