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BlackCat European guild recruiting new members~

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Hello potential new member~

We BlackCat are a European English speaking guild. Most of us met each other in Lunia (Allms’ previous game) and know each other for around 9 years. We are looking for new and active people to join our family. Everyone is welcome to join, but we will play on the European server later on~

About BlackCat:

Old Lunia EU players probably know our guild under another name (SleepingForest), but after Lunia EU went down we moved to Lunia Global and founded BlackCat. And so, after a couple of games, increasing our numbers, here we are to start our amazing guild in Kritika. We are looking for friendly and active players with the focus on PvE and fun (we have PvP players too ????). We are not looking for people with the highest stats since we are all more casual players with lives beside gaming. If you are looking for people to play in a hardcore matter, BlackCat is not the guild for you, sorry~. We are looking for people to hang out with, to have fun and play together. New or old players it doesn’t matter, you are all welcome~

Guild Info:

Guild Level: 10
Guild Master: ManiNeko
Co-leaders: Dayamo, Kuros, KuroYuki, Aethera, GirlyGirl (Schiz) and DuskyDude

Guild Structure: Mainly within the guild, since Kritika only offers 3 different ranks

Kittyqueen (guild master)
Blackcat format for the guild leadership is that of a dictatorship. Maybe that sounds a bit weird or odd, it basically means that there is only ONE guild leader and that is ManiNeko. All decisions are ultimately made or validated by her. The responsibility for incorrect decisions is also held by ManiNeko. Meaning the co-leaders aren’t responsible in any matter. With that said decisions are not made in favor of someone or something but are made with the feedback/discussions of the co-leaders and senior members. However, the ultimate decision is made by ManiNeko.

Cheshire (co-leader)
The Cheshires are second only to ManiNeko in the guild in terms of authority. They are the key people in guild policy and their actions are backed up by ManiNeko. They are the people she trusts the most and are the ones on who she relies most heavily on for feedback. They will mostly carry out the rules. See them as Chinese guardian lions, listen to them as you would listen to ManiNeko.

Neko (senior members)
Nekos are promoted by ManiNeko and/or by the Cheshires. They are the people who stayed the longest in the guild or have a very good reputation. They are considered the helpers in the guild for new members and ManiNeko relies on them from feedback. Even if they don’t have actual rights (kicking, upping ranks), they are very important to our guild and we cherish them.

Koneko (member)
You are a full member of BlackCat

Kitten (junior member)
A newly joined member or an alternative character from someone.

What we offer you:

Discord (I will pm our discord link after accepting your application)
Help in stages
Free Abelard and ST runs!!
Fun parties
Newbie help
Events (in the future, PvP and PvE)

What we want from you:

Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~)
Your class(es)
Your age
Some information about yourself
In what time zone do you live?
Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?
Why do you want to join BlackCat?

Guild Rules

Core rules
1. Guild First: we expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of ‘guild first’. This relates to parties as well. First your co-members then other people outside of the guild.
2. We recruit people, not an image. That means that we search for good people and not a set of requirements that a “character” maybe have. We allow players to be in multiple guilds as long as you are equally online. (standing afk, doesn’t count as being online). You aren’t allowed to join if you have been caught scamming/hacking in the past.
3. It isn’t allowed to spread information that is considered “guild only”. Also spreading false rumors/info isn’t allowed either. If we have information to share it’s on our public areas on game websites or on our own website.
4. Participate in guild events as much as possible. We require that you participate in future guild events. We understand people have lives and cannot live in the online world. But joining as much as you can is appreciated. Also, if you join an event we expect you to show up. We aren’t giving any participation “price” if you aren’t actually there. (afk doesn’t count)
5. Leadership roles in BlackCat are decided based on demonstrated abilities as well as the need for a leadership role in a certain spot. Don’t be worried we assure you that we do everything to make the game more fun for you. We expect you to follow the instructions of the leaders, without any discussion. Our focus is the well-being of the whole guild and not one person. While it sounds unfair in your ears we have nothing against you in person.
6. We are a FAMILY of friends that means we expect you to back up your guildmates, even if you think they don’t deserve that. Showing division only damage our image as a guild. Problems between guildmates should be directed to one of the Co-leaders to keep it a problem between friends and not the entire guild.
7. Deadweight is not needed in our guild. Failure to maintain an acceptable level of activity will result in a removal. Our current “acceptance” is to be online once in two weeks for a couple of hours. AFK hours are allowed. (Come on peeps it’s not that hard). If you return to the game, joining back, of course, is allowed. We do understand people have a personal life besides the online world. Also, sudden computer problems/vacation are also acceptable reasons.

Conduct rules:
1. Members may not use cheats or exploits example: third party programs to get a benefit out of the game.
2. Upholding of all guild values and rules are required to all members. There are no exceptions whether you are a member for 10 days or 10 years. All members must maintain the values of the guild.
3. Members need to behave in a mature, professional, team focused manner. Self-focused, loot-focused, immature people will not be tolerated. Later on, we will help newer guildmates with farming their equip.
4. No trolling in the guild. I mean seriously are you a 12-year-old? Trolling is considered rude and often is used as an excuse to be mean to follow members. 99% of the guild is at least 18-years-old, we are grown-ups no 12-year-olds. We will not tolerate this!
5. NO BEGGING IN THE GUILD. While higher equipped players can do all those stages without much sweat, it is considered very rude to beg for help. We love to help, in a reasonable way. That means even if you think it’s rude that we don’t take you with us in raids/certain stages, just because you don’t have the requirements. Keep in mind that those higher-level players farmed their equip for weeks/months. And that we actually require you to take some time in the game to gather gear, experience to join us later on for an “equal” split of the loot. Sounds fair, right?)
6. You have a problem with a certain member, but want to talk about this anonymous? Provide screenshots of the issue AND tell your side of the story, sent ManiNeko a pm with the required information.
7. If a (co-)leader tells you to do something, do it immediately. Do not argue or complain to them and definitely do not get nasty with them or you will get an instant kick. We ask for some respect as we show to you. (We would never ask to give up your gear or any content on your character(s))

People providing information by commenting on this thread, sending a private message or whispering ManiNeko/one of the officers in game get favored over in-game applications




    I'm interested in joining your guild.

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~):
    Temperella (also have a lvl 65 ice mage named Olimar which is only played in duo with a friend)

    Your class(es):
    Warp mage

    Your age:

    Some information about yourself:
    I'm not a very social type, but do love playing with other people.

    In what time zone do you live?:
    I live in belgium, so that would be UTC+2/UTC+1

    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?:
    I'm fairly new to kritika, but have played lots of mmorpgs

    Why do you want to join BlackCat?:
    Looks like this might be a friendly guild, and your accepting new players :)

  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    Welcome to our guild :)

  • JochiraJochira Member, KOL
    edited November 2017

    I already applied in-game, cuz I did say I would return when Psion was out XD (though working nowadays, so don't expect me to be as active as I was in the past)

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~): J0chira, main (yes, somebody stole my IGN QWQ)
    Your class(es): Psion
    Your age: 23
    Some information about yourself: Mani the perv, must I really re-introduce myself? I rather do it with hugs, you know >w<
    In what time zone do you live? GMT +1 (Sweden)
    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before? yes, I used to main DB. capped at CBT but grew bored when I had my mind on not maining him when Psion was out. i'm also still playing Elsword (my 2nd MMO, i'm still maining IS) and I might or might not play Closers CBT (temp maining Seha while waiting for Nata), since I've already capped during Alpha. Mabinogi (quitted) was my 1st MMO and Elsword my 2nd. I've played 2 other MMO of a similar style to this, Vindictus (quitted) and Dragon Nest (quitted).
    Why do you want to join BlackCat? cuz I liked this guild, so why not? ♥

  • I'm interested in joining your guild.

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~):
    GerRunner/ i play Psion char

    Your class(es):

    Your age:

    Some information about yourself:
    I'm not a very social type, but do love playing with other people.

    In what time zone do you live?:
    I live in Berlin, so that would be UTC+1

    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?:
    I'm fairly new to kritika

    Why do you want to join BlackCat?:
    Looks like this might be a friendly guild, and your accepting new players :)

  • Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~) Main Bumshakalaka, alt Barathiel and some other i did just for devotion (sorry don't remember them all)
    Your class(es) :All of them, main it's psion, alt its warp mage, rest are 1 warrior 1 assasin and 1 reaper
    Your age 29
    Some information about yourself:
    well i won't say im not the social type, it also depends on the guild itself, but i tend to share things with people i find friendly, i really have a crush on people that help others and im on really need of this,as i reached a level where i notice i lack tons of information. Also will try to add my little bit of help aswell as a mature person in exchange of your own help towards others.
    In what time zone do you live? GMT +1 (Spain)
    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before? Aura Kingdom, Aion, Tera, Skyforge, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, Revelation,
    Why do you want to join BlackCat? Because im looking for a friendly guild, also i agree a lot on some of the rules and want to grow up on a guild where i can share things with others, unluckyly that game seems so much like that, i had a hard time being guildless and dont want to loose a single thing of this awesome game n-n!

  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the cat den~ >w<

  • I already applied in game but i will fill up this just so you guys have basic info about me cuz i didnt see this before cuz i dont visit forums all that much

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt Main - Flupy alts - Marinka, LeetheDevil, Dark Raven, Yumato but i dont play my alts all that much atm
    Your class(es) Main - Psion Alts Cat swap, Valk, Shadow Mage, Doom Blade
    Your age 21 (22 in a month)
    Some information about yourself Well i spend most of my day playing video games. I'm social person and love to talk and help ppl if i can.
    In what time zone do you live? Serbia UTC+1
    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before? Ye when it was in open beta but Legion expansion for WoW came out and i had to quit cuz i didnt have enough time to play 2 grind games but now that Legion is over and class that i was waiting has come i can finaly return to Krtika
    Why do you want to join BlackCat? I'm looking for nice and friendly guild and according to rules you guys seems like nice ppl. Also looking for ppl to play whit that dosent ask for way too much.

    edited January 2018


  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    Updated the first post ^-^/

  • FeduoFeduo Member, KOL
    edited February 2018

    I Already Applied in the game and This is My Info :)

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~):
    Feduo/i Play as Monk alt/ iam planning to make a Gunmage char

    Your class(es):
    Star Monk

    Your age:

    Some information about yourself:
    I am Kinda social Person i Love Games so much specially Hack and slash games and i like cooperating with friendly People :)

    In what time zone do you live?:

    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?:
    this is my first level 65 kritika char so iam Kinda New...other mmorpg games Guildwars2 (not so much)

    Why do you want to join BlackCat?:
    Rather than controlling the world from a master mind Genius cat is Super Nice LOL .... i believe that i could really Have FUN with Friendly Respectful People Here also i could learn From them and i have the ability to help other :) Also Understanding that members have Lives Beside Online Gaming is Something deserve to Respect :)

  • Hai,after a fair ammount of thinking I've decided that I would be interested in Black Cats.

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~):

    Your class(es):
    Psion/Vamp rest not worth mentioning.:P

    Your age:
    29 in 2 months or so.

    Some information about yourself:

    I'm not really a social person but I don't mind chit chatting with ppl as long as they don't try to annoy me or something.
    In general I'm quite silent but with the right ppl I'm chatty,it really depends/I don't bite. :)

    Worth to mention that I'm mainly a solo player in this game but I really don't mind helping ppl or just tagging along if needed,but you wont really see me asking for help unless I really can't deal with something.
    I also never charge for any kind of carry/help as I don't like that at all.

    I'm rather busy during the weekdays cause of my job and I have like 2-3 hours free time only but I'm more active during the weekends.

    In what time zone do you live?
    UTC +1 Middle EU.

    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?
    Been playing Kritika Eu since the Open beta,played Vindictus for nearly 7 years actively.

    Why do you want to join BlackCat?

    Seems to be a decent place,I don't like hyped up big 'drama' guilds and stuff like that.
    I'm also okay with the dictatroship thing since I'm well used to it,also helped some members recently and they seemed fine to me.
    I like the rule about the no trolling,its really not my thing as I'm more of a serious person in general.
    +I like cats.^^

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