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8/4 - Community Arena Update



  • @RyceCream said:
    First clear rewards are only a temporary advantage, one that is completely irrelevant once arena ranks are removed. The advantage from 116-120 is only a t7 soul gem which is completely random and may not even be useful. So while it does suck that fair players may not be able to get the full reward, it's ultimately on them that they're unable to clear the floors. You will eventually get the opportunity to get these rewards (much more easily too assuming they balance floor scaling) so there's no real disadvantage. The ones that truly don't deserve the rewards will most likely not be able to get back into arena anyways.

    Giving full rewards to all players participating is really hypocritical. The amount of players incapable of clearing arena are magnitudes higher than the 30 or so that got full rewards. The entirement argument was about a few 15k CRs being able to clear all the floors. Now you want your 15k alt to have full rewards because you put in zero effort?

    You have until tuesday to get all your rewards. It hurts to hear, but git gud and you might have those rewards too.

    There should be a cut off point at around level 80. Everyone under it prob wouldn't have been able to beat it even with green leaf.

  • TheFeederTheFeeder Member ✭✭

    @3CHY66HDWR said:
    Heres a FUN idea, why not revert back to original vine weapon and allow those that didnt "earn/exploit" to floor 120 a chance to do so that way people cant complain about missing out.

    Then once end of August patch hits everybody would be on equal grounds.

    I like your thinking. Let everyone make 5 - 6 alts all memeleaf and tradeover the gem boxes to the main for easy max level gems, kred, gold, badges and other rewards.

  • if they got that much dedication to the game then they probably deserve it. and if everybody did do this at least this game won't be dead before august patch hits....

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