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[AU/NZ] Aequitas is recruiting!

We're a social guild mostly, but will dabble into all kinds of stuff - PvP, PvE, etc.
Yeah, we're an [AU/NZ] guild, but players from other regions are still welcomed.
We also have discord, highly encouraged.

See ya in game :)



  • JoraoulJoraoul Member, KOL

    AUS hey so you in the NA server?

  • DFAA349W6KDFAA349W6K Member, KOL

    queria entra para guild meu nome no jogo e luciano06

    edited May 2018

    Ahoi. Im NA lvl 35 DB and play every night pretty much looking for a guild who I can play with every day. I'm looking for people with mics and a sense of humor. My discord is Doggy#7717 :)

  • I am looking to join a guild. Have a void monk in the 50s. Trying to play more regularly and build up everyone I have. Star Monk in the 20s, same with DB Zerk, and FL. Discord is Cheekyjokerz23#4196
    and I'm in the NA server!

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