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I recently achieved the max level i.e. 65. I play as doomblade. Currently my CR is 18K and im already using Kohinata Longsword. I wanted to what best armor pieces and accessories will suit a doomblade.
Thank you for your help.


  • You choose ur own playstyle, but I'll give you a good set for doing arena(that is coming in the end of this month), and also it will give u some perspective. i personally use this.

    // * What do you need to craft first to boost your cr the most :
    1st = Weapon
    2nd = Earring
    3rd = Necklace
    4th = Ring
    5th = Helmet
    6th = Gloves
    7th = Chest
    8th = Legs
    9th = Shoes

    // * Equipments :
    Helmet = Thuivel
    Chest = Elizaveta
    Legs = Elizaveta
    Hands = Exicus
    Shoes = Thuivel
    Longsword = Heladrim Longsword, or if u are lucky get a Dimensional Siphon Greatsword.
    Earrings = Nuradin
    Necklace = Verdia
    Ring = Nuradin

    // * Appraised stats that you need to look for.
    Helmet = Critical,Dark Bonus,Accuracy,Damage to Elites,HP or MP depending what u need
    Chest = Bonus Damage,,Move speed,Dark Bonus,Crit Damage, HP or MP depending what u need
    Legs = Bonus Damage, Dark Bonus, Crit Damage,Move speed, HP or MP depending what u need
    hands = Atk speed, Dark Bonus,Accuracy,Damage to bosses,HP or MP depending what u need
    shoes = Dark Bonus,Damage to elites, Crit damage to bosses, Move speed, HP or MP depending what u need
    Longsword = Atk speed,Bonus Damage,Atk power,Crit damage,Critical
    Earrings = Crit damage, Critical, Atk speed,Bonus damage, atk power.
    Necklace = Crit damage, Critical, Atk speed,Bonus damage, atk power
    Ring = Crit damage,Accuracy, Atk speed,Bonus damage, atk power.

    // *Costume Items:
    Head = Critical
    Face = Accuracy
    Shoulders = Accuracy
    Hands = Atk speed
    Chest = Damage to Elites
    Cape = Crit damage
    Shoes = Bonus Damage
    Legs = Damage to bosses
    belt = crit damage

    IMPORTANT NOTE = To use this whole set u will need to get your HP to 7500 minimum and 2500 MANA minimum to get the bonuses from those items.

  • 2EndLifes4u2EndLifes4u Member ✭✭

    @4CGJMJP4GM said:

    Longsword = Atk speed,Bonus Damage,Atk power,Crit damage,Critical

    Look at Critical........... wasted roll on weapons !!! on 100=5% ratio

  • Heladrim Longsword > Heladrim Greatsword ?

  • @Andrew3000 said:
    Heladrim Longsword > Heladrim Greatsword ?

    Isn't the Heladrim Greatsword the one that gives lightning bonus? If anything, for DB, you're comparing the Heladrim Longsword to the Heladrim Claymore.

  • Oh right! the heladrim claymore. I went with the claymore for the higher cr

  • You can't get bonus damage or move speed on the legs though

  • Im wondering is this still up to date for Doomblade? I know there is better gear now but I'm just starting out and wondering if this list is still correct for Starhenge gear?

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