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Kaiju Killer

Did they fix this? It used to say "use [Dash] on Reptor" right?


  • I specifically mentioned this title in a ticket before and they said they will forward the issue to Allm. Don't know if it's been fixed or not yet since I'm not at home though.

  • MorgianaSenpaiMorgianaSenpai Member ✭✭✭

    Still says use [dash] on Reptor
    *For Warriors

  • @MorgianaSenpai Oh okay, maybe I just forgot what it was for Rogues then. Was hoping they ninja-fixed it.

  • NoseD07NoseD07 Member, KOL

    is this fixed for rogues? it says Use [Normal Attack now but I have been attempting to acchieve it but after meeting the requirements I do not get it. Could someone confirm the title is working?


  • Kaju kill myself

  • Ares1968Ares1968 Member, KOL

    still not working for me.. warrior here

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