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Bractholme & Monastery Costumes without gambling?

Just saw the gamble loot boxes and since Im not a huge fan of those items here some questions:

0) how do they look like in full? (and/or: could you make them previewable via client?
1) Will those 2 costumes become available via normal purchase means somewhen?
2) what are the %-chances to get such a box?
3) can you pick which class you want?
4) will highend-items become part of such gamble boxes as well? (hero seals, ghost frags, highend charms, etc)?


  • AetheraAethera Member

    0) Couldn't find a way to preview, tried item notice registration on AH and EMP store box previews.
    1) Doubt it
    2) Bought one box, got a costume box on first try ever.
    3) Box gives one piece. You can pick which class you want the piece for, but the piece is random.
    4) If they follow the Blade and Soul way, which they seem to be, sadly most probably.

  • I wonder when the costume will come out for NA >__>

  • GrievuuzGrievuuz Member ✭✭✭

    Bought 15 boxes, got 2 monastery costume boxes. Got feet and face - really, face, fuggin face. Please stop including invisible items in RNG boxes, its heartbreaking <.<

  • DownIoadDownIoad Member ✭✭✭

    @Minarinn said:
    I wonder when the costume will come out for NA >__>

    Available now.

  • Don't bother with these boxes it's a huge scam

  • AngryPurplePurpsAngryPurplePurps Member ✭✭✭

    Let the whales buy em and then wait for them to sell their extra pieces on the AH for gold :D

  • DownIoadDownIoad Member ✭✭✭

    Its obvious that this was an excellent business decision. You can tell by the whales posting their fat stacks of tradeable items you get from these boxes on the AH already.

    I've never like these gambling boxes myself but I do see it being good for the game in the long run because of the whales dumping cash into the game.

    Yes I did buy the 7 pack out of curiosity, ended up getting a costume box with invisible face mask :neutral: .

  • Guess it's clear what to do: Gamble for hammers, scrolls and that stuff only. If you want costumes just buy them from AH.

    This gacha wouldn't have been that much of an issue if the costumes were complete sets. The difference between TERA and other games that use gacha for costumes is that the costumes are one piece outfits so you don't have to bother to get 5-7 boxes to finish a set.
    I see that they added some real good stuff aside from the costumes: Hammers, scrolls, etc. So those are the real drops here and pretty much the only reason you should gamble but sadly the boxes are really expensive for what you can get (145 each).
    I got the expensive 7 boxes pack with arena kred and got 3 Bractholme boxes (Chest/Legs/Boots) and trash drops like revival stones so I was thinking costumes might have a decent rate and it was intended for the hammers and stuff to be the real reward but from what I read here that might not be the case and I just used my entire luck of a month with those boxes.
    So, is this the last cash out or something? Because aside from boxes being expensive the drop rate seems awful and the 2 costumes boxes have a good chance to drop invisible items which are always bad for whatever reason. If that's not the case really hoping it's just a once in a while time (Making some outfits rare) and not an every month thing.

  • NopiNopi Member ✭✭✭

    So they couldn't resist bringing Tera's cash costume RNG here.... I'm not even mad....

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