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READ ME - Reporting Kritika Online Bugs

edited November 2018 in Bug Reporting

In your attempt to depose the despicable Abelard, you may have encountered a bug or two in your journey. Help us slay those bugs the way you've slain so so very many goblins...

...by reporting your issue to

Customer Support!


Where did the Open Beta Bug Report and Suggestions forums go?

Those sections have now been archived! Rest assured, bug reports won't be lost and there's no need to repost what you've posted before. We're going back through, removing duplicates and making sure issues are properly filed. Our hope is that this will be an easier way for players to report bugs, while ensuring that we get all the necessary info we need to fix the core issue!

What about suggestions? We found that many suggestions where being posted in general discussion anyways. For now, we're going to try and focus game discussion, including suggestions into general discussion. We'll see how this goes for a few weeks and re-consider opening a dedicated suggestions forum further down the road.

AND NOW, onto the bug submission itself.

When you submit your bug to customer support, here's the rundown on what to include:

What game are you reporting an issue for? Kritika Online! OR, when it's launched, Kritika PTS.

Summarize your issue here: Treat this like the title of an e-mail. Short, sweet, and include a few key words related to the bug.

Describe the issue you are encountering here, in detail: The more detail the better!

Bad example: "Game's broke, fix it."
Bad example: "My character is stuck in a rock, help me!" (You should make a customer support ticket for that right away.)
Bad example: "Server's down, fix it." (That's a problem, but it isn't a game bug. Try talking to the @KritikaGame Twitter or the General Discussion forums.)
Bad example: "Sir Hackey Sac is HACKING AND EXPLOITING, you must stop him AT ONCE!" (You should make a customer support ticket for that right away.)

Good example: "I have the required meatballs for Alandra's Angry Angry Antlions quest, but she won't let me turn it in! I have a screenshot of the items and her not accepting these meatballs!"
Good example: "Jeoffrey, the boss in Baha Harbour says 'taste my green flame' but the particle effect either doesn't appear or it's purple."
Describe the behavior you would expect in this situation What should things look like? You know, if it weren't broken.

List as many, specific steps to reproduce the issue as you can; including your character's class, server, equipment, skills used, etc as may apply to the issue. VERY IMPORTANT! Details help reproduce the problem, and reproducing the problem on our end is a key step in fixing it!

Please include an imgur link to any applicable screenshots. Yup, it's gotta be Imgur. We won't open any other links.

Please include a YouTube link to any applicable videos Yup, it's gotta be YouTube. Video is usually even better than a screenshot. Try to keep them short, specifically showing the bug and not other random stuff you're doing.

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