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after patch will they clear deleted character names?

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  • WarFaceSystemXWarFaceSystemX Member, Pre-CBT Tester
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    @55F4T7KF7F said:
    i actually meant with each patch 'do they'

    No, they don't. You have to wait till they setup that system.


  • RyujinFrostRyujinFrost Member ✭✭

    Probably when Psion/Steam version hits. Would make sense then with the influx of new players.

  • i actually meant with each patch 'do they'

  • Psion psion... stupid name. I cant even read that its hurting my eyes. Thats why I will allways name it Eclair as It should be. Same as Demon Blade and Dimensionall Controller instead of DoomBlade and Warpmage.

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