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Floor101 has an abusive difficulty

I'm more than 5 days stuck on floor 101 (frost mage and Petra), since I arrived in it I already acquired 47k of CR more than I had and still yes that did not make a difference, because it is two characters that attack far away and by being frozen with each attack. There were times when there were two ice bursts in the room, making it impossible to make an attack. There are several players in the same situation as me, including other doomblades with CR similar to mine, of course it is not the CR that makes the end result. Is it possible to reassess this floor? make any changes in it? Because it's not challenging like the other floors I've gone through, it has become annoyingly annoying and made me spend resources that I will not have back by passing it.


  • AngryPurplePurpsAngryPurplePurps Member ✭✭✭

    Floor 101 is not that hard, you honestly just need to time your skills especially if you're a DB and know how and when to dodge the frost mages attack, he will easily back up to the corner and then you can easily lure Petra in that corner with him. If you know how to time deadly slash and knock them down that way and back attack them to get your EX bar up and just soul vortex it's pretty much an easy win.

  • is exactly what I have been trying to do, but with every initiative that the frost launches the hurricane I miss an attempt, because I have to keep running until the hurricane disappears, even after cutting them their skils remain active. Basically the floor is a Russian roulette where you might be lucky to be able to lure them or just run from side to side waiting for the hurricane to disappear. It's not challenging, 'if you're just lucky, the player's ability is not at stake on that floor.

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